Spa Treatments You’ll Want For Your Wedding

You want to look the best you’ve ever looked on your wedding day. You’re also feeling the most stressed you’ve ever felt, because planning a wedding is a big deal. Greentoes can handle both of those problems for you. Married life is about to start for you, bride-to-be. Let us carry you there on a velvet throne.


What To Expect During Your First Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxes involve a very delicate part of the body and that makes a lot of people nervous if they’re interested in waxing but they haven’t experienced it before. Researching the process beforehand will give you a better idea of what you’re signing up for. We do these waxes all the time and we’re here to walk you through it.

Spa Facial In Tucson

What Is An Age Corrective Facial?

Age corrective facials are designed for people who have lived through some pretty important age milestones – particularly people in their 40’s or beyond. Some people with a deep desire to care for their skin may opt for an age corrective facial earlier on, and that’s perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong with prioritizing the health of your skin at any age.

Greentoes Expands Again!

Greentoes adds on more square footage to the front of the building. Making our waiting area a little roomier for our guests. We hope everyone who visits Greentoes enjoys our new space and extra comfortable seating before and after receiving Greentoes spa services. Thank you, Tucson, and out of state visitors for coming to