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Greentoes was created under the vision of Christina Rossetti Thompson, a native Tucsonan and a full time teacher. The creation of Greentoes took me by surprise. Greentoes is based off of a dream I had in December of 2011. I went to sleep and dreamt that I needed to slow down, I needed to create a place where I and others could find “Our Calm”. The entire concept, from the name of our studio to our studio practices were portrayed to me in my dream.

This was a complete shocker to me as I have been in education since 1997, teaching kids in Tucson, and opening an eco-chic mani pedi studio was nowhere in my daily to do’s. When I awoke, I wrote down everything from my dream. When my hubby awoke, he heard what I had to say and supported me and the vision 100%. And, that is when Greentoes took breath.

We are different. You feel it the moment you step into our studio. We are the quiet in your day or the extra bit of luxury in your week. Our product lines, both retail, and what we use to indulge our clients, is well selected, organic, vegan, what I would pick for my friends and family if I could choose from any product in the world for them. Our Mani Pedi spa in Tucson has a lot to offer including many different types of massage therapy.

Victor Thompson is the owner of Greentoes, an Eco Chic Mani Pedi Studio and Day Spa in Tucson, Arizona. He is a born and raised local Tucsonan. He attended Canyon Del Oro High School and thereafter the University of Arizona. Most of Victor’s early practices and career path took place in The Health and Fitness Industry; where he excelled in sales, marketing, and management. His success in the industry was based on his desire to provide solutions for people who stepped foot through the doors, in a setting where the focus was sales and his personal focus was results. This shift in focus would soon align and serve him as his philosophy and foundation, as owner of Greentoes.

Victor took over Greentoes shortly after his wife opened Greentoes, for business, in October of 2012. His wife Christina, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, became very ill and was unable to continue operating the business. Victor’s prior familiarity in the health and wellness field helped him to adapt very quickly to a rapidly growing health and beauty profession.

Victor is highly motivated to serve The Tucson Community by meeting the needs of Greentoes’ clientele, creating a professional place of business for those in the service industry, maintaining high standards in practice, and enjoying the process along the way.

When Victor is away from the studio, you might find him watching his kids at a soccer game, basketball game or karate tournament. And, don’t be too surprised if you come in for a service and see him getting a pedicure or manicure.

Victor can be reached by phone at 520-777-6281 or via email by filling out the form below.

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