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Looking for one of the best nail salons nearby Oro Valley? Need to get top rated, award-winning manicures or pedicures near Oro Valley? Our greentoes North location proudly serves north Tucson and the surrounding Oro Valley area.

Greentoes North offers only the finest eco-friendly, organic nail care products to beautify your hands and feet. Our nail salon treatments are sure to make you walk out feeling content and rejuvenated. Our day spa offers many spa services to help you look and feel your best. Whether you’re searching for a healthy glow, or just need a little get away from the stress of everyday life, Greentoes North near Oro Valley is here for you!

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience Greentoes North for yourself and be prepared to be taken on sensory journey that will rejuvenate your mind and body and leave your hands and feet looking beautiful.


As a recurring award winner for the best manicure in Tucson, we take pride in maintaining our high manicure standards. We exclusively use vegan, cruelty free nail lacquer free from harsh and unnecessary chemicals to give you a beautiful color without many of the toxic chemicals used in typical nail polish.

Even though our lacquers are wonderful, they aren’t the star of our show. Our slow beauty manicure with its nutrient packed and deeply hydrating moisture treatment and long, luxurious hand massage makes our manicures one of the most relaxing acts of self-care you can gift yourself.


Pedicures are about more than looking good in sandals. They’re also great for your health.  It all starts out with a relaxing warm soak to soothe your arches and soften your skin Along with clipping, filing, and lacquering your toenails, you can enjoy deep exfoliation of the legs and feet, natural callus removal with gentle products and methods, and a natural Amazonian clay masque to nourish the skin while hydrating and removing impurities.


Regular massage boasts countless benefits for your mental and physical health. People who work desk jobs experience aches and pains just as often as people who work on their feet. Our muscles perform an important job for us all day, every day. They need and deserve a little extra care to function properly and naturally heal. We offer several varieties of massage that can be used to target specific injuries or concerns. We also offer full body massages to promote general relaxation and overall wellness.


The aestheticians at Greentoes offer several varieties of facial, each designed to target a specific skin concern. Whether you want to soothe your redness, reduce your acne, or achieve a bright and even skin tone, we’re here to help you meet your goals.

Greentoes uses organic, vegan, natural skin care products packed with the healing powers of nutrient rich active botanicals. Our products are all safe and gentle without ever compromising on skin benefits. Our aestheticians can help you choose skincare products that will balance your skin the way the earth intended.


Waxing is the most convenient alternative to shaving. Think about how much more time you’ll have for yourself when you can eliminate hair removal from your everyday routine. Greentoes offers a whole host of waxing services to leave your skin smooth and hairless from head to toe. If you’re looking for the perfect eyebrow to enhance your gorgeous features, we’ll be happy to give you a beautiful arch.


Dermaplaning is one of the fastest ways to achieve soft, smooth, and radiant skin. During a dermaplaning treatment, your aesthetician will use a small scalpel to gently slough off all of your fine little baby hairs and the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. With all the debris out of the way, you’re left with a healthy and radiant complexion and skin that’s ready to soak up the nutrients from an all natural moisturizer.

Body Scrub Treatments

Body scrub treatments offer the benefits of the massage with the benefits of excellent skincare. Our body scrubs are made of plant based ingredients and coconut sugar to provide gentle exfoliation. At the end of a body scrub treatment, your skin will feel soft and your muscles will feel relaxed. You’ll be radiant from head to toe, and the boost of positive endorphins will help you sleep like a baby.

About Oro Valley

Oro Valley, is a suburban town located 6 miles north of Tucson, Arizona, in Pima County. Oro Valley is situated in the western foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains at the base of Pusch Ridge. The Tortolita Mountains are located north of the town, and vistas of the Tucson valley are to the south. The town occupies the middle Cañada del Oro Valley. Annual events in Oro Valley include the Oro Valley Festival of the Arts, El Tour de Tucson bicycle race, the Tucson Marathon, the Cactus Speed Classic for inline skaters, and the Arizona Distance Classic. Every April, the Oro Valley Festival of the Arts is held celebrating all forms of art and artistic expression. Live musical performances are held throughout the spring in the open-air amphitheater at Cañada del Oro Riverfront Park. The annual Independence Day celebration is one of the largest events in Oro Valley. The Tucson Symphony Orchestra performs, along with several choirs. Fireworks shows and concerts are also provided by the Hilton El Conquistador Resort. The Oro Valley Music Festival is an annual outdoor music festival held over two days at the Golf Club at Vistoso.


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