Montie Slavin

4 weeks ago
I find that my visits to Greentoes are special treats to me! It is always more than a pedicure…it is a calm, friendly, soothing experience. It rates right up there with having a massage. I truly do find my calm the moment I sit down. Great product-great staff-great experience!

Lucia Barretti

2 months ago
I moved to Tucson about five years ago and proceeded to seek out a place for my monthly pedicure. I had learned from a spa in Massachusetts that getting a pedicure was not a luxury, it is more of a necessity. As I was told, “your feet carry you every day of your life, you need to honor them.” At this spa I learned that it is always best to avoid the massage chairs because of the backwash and inability to clean these bowls thoroughly. Trying to find a spa that uses a bowl rather than a massage chair was not easy. I tried a number of spas unsuccessfully — nearly two years ago I tried Greentoes. Skilled staff, great atmosphere, personalized attention, great products, vegan nail polish — what more could I ask for. I plan to be a ‘customer for life’. Well done, Greentoes!!!

Little Bear Kings

3 weeks ago
Daniella gives you such a relaxing facial. She leaves me feeling rejuvenated. Libby & Reyna do an awesome job with my manicure. All the staff make you feel very welcome from the moment you step in the door.

Denisse Robles

2 months ago
Loved Greentoes, such a cozy comforting environment, very relaxing. The whole place was so clean and smelled great, no chemical smell. The music was very soothing. I would definitely recommend Greentoes.

Sherry Burlson

5 months ago
Greentoes is a wonderful Tucson business! As a business owner myself, I really enjoyed the professionalism I experienced while in the salon. I had a fantastic pedicure, facial and massage. They spent quality time with each service. All the service providers were well trained, talented and friendly. I highly recommend Greentoes day spa and nail salon to anyone wanting to experience exceptional business practices with amazing services.

Makayla Thompson

2 weeks ago
Hands down the best nail salon and day spa in the Tucson area. Impeccable customer service and amazing products.

Julia Grignon

2 months ago
From the moment I walked in I felt relaxed. My massage therapist was kind and asked all the right questions to give me the best massage possible.

Rose Thomas

2 months ago-
Of course I enjoy getting a monthly pedicure, but what I hate most about the experience, is the strong chemical smells that penetrate the air and always leaves me with an awful headache. More often than not, I actually leave a salon, vowing never to return. That is, until I found this little “Gem” on 6th street, Greentoes Nail salon. From the moment I stepped into this salon and didn’t smell harsh chemicals, I knew I had found someplace different. Greentoes is definitely the salon for you, if you are looking for a nail salon to provide excellent service and a healthy alternative to harsh chemical beauty treatments. The nail technicians were very friendly and professional. Not only did I receive the best pedicure I have ever had, but the nail technician “Reyna” took time to explain all the vegan products she was using and made a special effort to ensure I felt pampered and relaxed. Before I left, I made sure to book my next appointment…so run to your phone and make one too. You will not be disappointed.

Rhonda Wesselman

2 months ago
I was visiting Tucson, AZ in the summer of 2013 when I discovered Greentoes salon. I was looking for a place that offered Facials and Pedi/Manis. When I stumbled upon Greentoes, I was accepted as a walk-in without a problem. The receptionist fit me right in. I met the sweetest esthetician, Reyna. At Greentoes, they offer The Eminence spa facial, which I would recommend to any person who wants to feel relaxed and also receive the best facial you could ever wish for. I could tell Reyna was very experienced and dedicated to what she does by how relaxing my facial was. I didn’t feel like she was trying to rush through the process at al. I actually think I fell asleep a little, that’s how gentle she was with my facial. Awwwwwwwwwesome…. If you are ever in the Tucson area, Go to Greentoes. You wont regret it. Now that I am back in California, I keep looking for a salon that is close by and comparable to Greentoes, and to this day, and have not found a place yet. I wish Greentoes would come out to California..

Anne Francis

3 months ago
I stumbled upon Greentoes very much by happenstance while I was in Tucson on business. I wanted to have a pedicure in advance of a friend’s wedding, and just searched for a nail salon near my hotel. Greentoes was the first on the list, as it was just a few minutes from the hotel. I was desperate for something convenient, and it fit the bill in that regard… but it FAR surpassed my expectations in every other way! It is an absolutely beautiful space, in a lovely little house on a quiet street. I felt calmer just upon walking in the door! I was given very attentive service by Jeannette McCarty, who gave me the Essential Pedicure treatment. The products are wonderful, and I love that it is an eco-conscious salon in every way. I’ve paid a lot more for pedicures in other cities, and considering the great level of service I received at Greentoes, I’d say it is an incredible bargain for the prices they charge. I wish I lived in Tucson so I could enjoy this salon on a regular basis! I HIGHLY recommend this salon.

Theresa Middleton

3 months ago
I recently came in to have a massage at Greentoes! The greentoes staff were extremely welcoming and professional. The massage thereapist was wonderful at listening and addressing my needs, I felt completely refreshed! I highly recommend greentoes to everyone, and I will be visiting soon again!

Laura Lavine

6 months ago
Grentoes is the place I’ve always been looking for. Service! Service! Service! Did I mention service? They provided me with he best experience for my manicure and pedicure. The products that they use smell yummy. They only use the best organic and vegan products in heir space which makes a difference. I will send all my friends and family here to get the best experience. If you haven’t been to Greentoes you have to go and try them.

Lacy S

12 months ago
Green Toes was FABULOUS! They created an amazing morning for all my female friends and family in town for our wedding. They were able to host ALL of us! Their professionalism was superb and we had FUN! It was a RELAXING time to socialize and have some quality time before my day got too absorbed by the wedding. I HIGHLY recommend Green Toes. I’ve had a massage, mani and pedi and will go back! Most salons leave you feeling a bit brutalized after a treatment but Green Toes left me feeling pampered and relaxed. TRY THEM!

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