Tucson Waxing

Greentoes specializes in all types of waxing in Tucson. From brows to Brazilians, and all of the hairs in between; we offer full body waxing for both women and men. Come in to get skillfully waxed from our always professional licensed estheticians. If there is a specific waxing area that we have not listed on our Greentoes Menu, you are more than welcome to consult with our esthetician for availability and pricing? Please view our frequently asked questions about waxing.

*Brazilian – 60

*Bikini – 40

Brow Shaping – 25

Upper Lip – 15

Lower Lip – 15

Upper leg – 35

Nostrils – 18

Lower leg – 40

Ears – 13

Chin – 15

Full leg – 70

Sideburns  – 18

Full Face – 52

Lower Back – 25

Neckline – 14

Full Back – 55

Underarms – 28

Back w/shoulders – 70

Lower Arms – 30

Stomach Strip – 18

Full Abdomen – 40

Chest – 50

Feet – 13

* We do not do Brazilian or Bikini line waxing on customers with male genetalia, as our estheticians are not trained for it.

 Different Types Of Waxing. A Brief Description.

One of the most popular facial waxing services is a brow shaping. It’s a quick way to look great, and it keeps the brows low maintenance. We also provide clean ups for when you want to keep your shape and just neaten things up a bit. Waxing lasts much longer than shaving your eyebrows with sculping razors, and it takes much less time than individually plucking hairs.

An upper lip wax can get rid of pesky hairs, no matter how fine or thick they are. Most people grow hair on their upper lip, so getting it waxed is nothing for any individual to feel embarrassed about. The same goes for chins – everybody gets a few stray hairs here and there, and we can clean them up for you. We also provide a full face wax, which is ideal for men who like to look smooth and clean. Some women with “peach fuzz” also love the smooth feel a full face wax provides. We offer nostril waxing as well.

Regularly waxing your legs can lead to less overall hair growth. Since the hair is removed from the bulb, it will grow back thinner and sparser. Waxing your legs will make your legs look smooth, but it also has some practical applications. Athletic people and people who work out frequently find that waxing their legs is more hygienic, and it even helps showcase toned calves.

We offer a lower leg wax, which is ideal for people who don’t grow a lot of hair on their upper legs. It’s also great for people who dress conservatively and aren’t particularly concerned with what the area above their knees looks like. We have upper leg waxing for people who require hair removal from the knee to the hip. If you want to jump right in and have silky soft legs, just book a full leg waxing with us.

We can also wax your feet. If you’ve got some fuzz you’d like to remove so you can look great in sandals, it will only take us a few minutes to get your feet looking clean and hairless. Of course, one of our pedicures would complement your waxed feet by assisting in making your feet look beautiful.

Bikini Waxing

We offer two intimate area waxing services: bikini, and Brazilian. A bikini wax covers the area surrounding your intimate area. The idea is to look smooth in the area surrounding your bathing suit. This service is for the area around your undergarments – not the entire area they cover.

Brazilian waxing is a full hair removal in the intimate area – nothing gets left behind. Since this area is very delicate, a lot of people have questions about Brazilian waxing. Most of the time, any healthy person at any time of the month can get a Brazilian wax as long as the right precautions are taken. Yes, it does hurt a bit, but it gets easier every time you do it. Be sure to schedule regular appointments.

Chest and Back Waxing

There are several ways to approach waxing a back. We can do the whole back, including the shoulders, for people who want intensive hair removal. We can concentrate on the full back without the shoulders, or specifically concentrate on the lower back. Some people develop a patch of hair slightly above the waistline, right where their jeans end. We can specifically focus on that area if you don’t have hair growth elsewhere on your back.

We also wax necklines, a service that’s popular with both men and women. When hair growth is sporadic or trails out around the nape of the neck, it’s noticeable. It’s easy to see with short haircuts, and when long hair is in up. We can clean it up and make your great new hairstyle look even better. The best part of waxing versus shaving around the neckline is that the hair will take much longer to grow back – you won’t have to deal with the stubble that razors leave behind.

For the front of the body, we provide both chest and abdomen waxing. Some people don’t grow hair in both areas, or they’ve only concerned with looking sharp in a fitted v-neck tee. Abdomen waxing is perfect when you want to look smoother on your tummy.

Arm and Underarm Waxing

Men and women often visit us for lower arm waxing. Sometimes it’s because they love the feeling of their baby smooth arms up against silk bedsheets, sometimes it’s to improve the way they look, and sometimes it’s to make their beautiful tattoos easier to see.

Underarm waxing is a huge problem solver for a lot of people. Underarm hair has a tendency to grow back quickly when it’s been shaved. It leaves a shadow under the skin, and it seems like stubble surfaces just a few hours later. When you wax your underarms, you’re less likely to experience that darkness. You won’t have to worry about stubble for weeks. No more deodorant getting caught in your underarm hair!