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_MG_1487Zocalo is a Tucson based independent magazine focusing on urban arts, culture, entertainment, living, food and events, and Greentoes Tucson was featured in this month’s issue! As a Tucson Nail Salon, Greentoes offers a variety of services and we were honored to be featured in this wonderful local magazine. The article is on page 46 of the February 2014 magazine.

About Zocalo Magazine

Tucson has a very rich culture and a lot of artistic history. It’s a hotspot for innovation and new trends. Most importantly, Tucson is packed with unique and vibrant quirks that make it one of the best places in the world. Zocalo focuses on the best and brightest things in Tucson. The magazine focuses on arts, music, and eateries, but also health and beauty. In their February 2014 feature, they summed up the journey and vision of Greentoes.

“Victor Thompson and his wife chose to open the salon after his wife dreamt about the need to take life at a slower place. The details of the couple’s new venture were all conveyed in this dream. Together, the two were able to breathe life to this concept.”

We were featured alongside a whole host of local destinations that feel similarly to the way we do about keeping things natural. We’re proud to share the community with other businesses that have similar values. Victor, our cofounder, was quoted as saying, “Any health conscious consumer should know that there is a place out there that they can come to relax and receive the best possible service.”

Greentoes Feels at Home in Tucson

We’re so proud to be a part of the bright and vibrant culture that makes Tucson the unique place that is. Our business means the world to us. It gives us the ability to touch lives and help people relax, which is something that so many people forget to do. Being featured in Zocalo is a milestone for us. It legitimizes everything we’ve worked for and shows us that we picked the perfect community to begin our journey with. Thank you to Zocalo for featuring us, and thank you to the people who saw us in Zocalo for paying us a visit. We hope we live up to your expectations.


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