Here’s Why Men Book Spa Days


Spa days were regarded as an exclusively feminine experience for a very long time. Over the past few years, men in Tucson have started to realize what they’re missing. Spa services can benefit everyone, regardless of gender. Everyone benefits from self-care and relaxation. Here’s why men book spa days and what they can expect during and after a pampering session.

Men Need Facials Too

Facials are often regarded as a beautifying treatment. While they can promote a youthful and radiant appearance, they’re far more than an aesthetic treatment. Facials are designed to promote healthy skin. They can address concerns like dry patches and acne, which affect both genders.

Men often find that their facial hair (and their shaving routine) can lead to dry, patchy skin, irritated skin, or breakouts due to trapped oil. A facial can help to address these concerns and promote overall skin health. With regular facials and an at-home skincare regimen, many men will find that their skin looks and feels better overall. The results can be long-term with proper maintenance.

Men Are Often Rough On Their Hands And Feet

Many men work with their hands and stand on their feet all day. Men who work in industries like construction, landscaping, and contracting are often very rough on their bodies. They develop calluses on their hands and feet. They may develop split nails and hangnails. Although these things aren’t pleasant to look at, it isn’t their appearance that should be concerning. It’s the negative effects they can have on health.

Unmaintained fingernails and toenails can become a breeding ground for fungus and infection. Regular manicures and pedicures can help to preserve and maintain the health of hands and feet. A manicurist or a pedicurist will be able to spot early signs of fungus or infection. They’ll thoroughly clean away dirt, debris, and dead skin stuck beneath nails or clinging to calluses.

Men Can Benefit From A Massage

Many day spas offer massage, and massage is a universally beloved spa treatment. It doesn’t take much convincing to get anyone, man or woman, onto a massage table for some much-needed relief.

Massage feels good, but it’s so much more than a pampering experience. Although spas do offer luxury massages, a professional massage therapist can perform massages that promote benefits to your overall wellness. Massage can help to improve lymphatic drainage throughout the body. It can also reduce swelling, muscle tension, and muscle soreness.

Most people only think to get a massage when a muscle really hurts, but there’s no reason to wait until the last minute. The little aches and pains of everyday life can add up for everyone. People who work an active job and people who are firmly planted at a desk all day are both prone to strain or overuse injuries.

Most day spas that offer professional massage will offer sports massage, which is incredibly beneficial for athletic men and men who frequent the gym. Sports massage can help to support muscle recovery, helping people reach their athletic goals with minimal downtime.

Massage also helps the body to reduce endorphins that ease stress and mental tension. The same endorphins also work to promote better sleep. A great massage can completely transform the way you feel physically and mentally, helping you to recharge. It’s also a lot less expensive than a vacation and much easier to fit into your schedule. You only need to set aside 60 to 90 minutes for a massage.

A Spa Day Is A Relaxing Date

It’s common to give your partner a gift certificate for a spa on a special occasion. What if you went together? Most men don’t think to include themselves as part of a spa outing. Make a pampering or relaxation experience your date night.

Manicures, pedicures, and massages for couples have seen an uptick in popularity. It’s a refreshing take on date night. Couples can still enjoy their traditional dinner and a movie, but they’ll feel more relaxed and elevated if they make their reservations after their spa day.

Waxing Helps Men Become Well Groomed

Men who don’t sport a bearded look spend a lot of time shaving. Some men need to shave every other day to maintain a smooth face. The results of waxing on a male face will last between two and three weeks. Men who wax instead of shaving might be able to sleep in for an extra twenty minutes every morning because they’re able to skip a time-consuming step in their morning routine. Men who sport a bare chest will also benefit from waxing.

Men Feel Better When They Look Better

When you feel self-confident, it’s easier to navigate many situations. You might feel more energized, motivated, courageous, and optimistic when you’re in a confident state of mind. Everything is a little bit better when you feel good about yourself.

A lot of men have a power tie or a special shirt they wear when they need to tackle a big work project or they’re on their way to a big date. Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel after you’ve been professionally waxed and manicured. It’s like a power tie for your whole body. The results of spa treatments often last for several weeks, so you’ll carry that increased confidence with you long after your appointment.

Book A Spa Day Appointment For Yourself

If you’re a man looking to enjoy a well-deserved spa day, Greentoes in Tucson is here to help you relax. We offer manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and upper body waxing services for men. Our central location has a private mani-pedi room for couples if you’re looking to have a peaceful day leading into date night. You can book with us now online or by phone.

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