What You Need To Know Before Getting A Manicure


For every woman and even some men, the idea of getting a manicure sounds very appealing. But as easy as it sounds, there’s more to getting a manicure than just going to a nail salon and leaving your nails in the hands of an experienced nail technician.

In most other nail salons, the chemicals from getting a manicure could have potential health side effects ranging from respiratory problems to even cancer. But not at Greentoes. At Greentoes in Tucson, we use only natural and eco-friendly products to keep you safe and healthy.

Read on to know a few vital tips before getting a manicure. (Or simply book your next appointment at Greentoes)!

Find A Green Nail Salon

The first thing to do before getting a manicure is to find a green nail salon. You might be wondering what a green nail salon is.

Well, to reduce the side effects of the chemicals used in the materials for a manicure, green nail salons make use of less harmful products for their manicure services. Green-based products are generally environmentally friendly and there’s a low concentration of chemicals (if any).

The green nail salon is a haven for staff and clients who place a lot of importance on both health and beauty. Although there might be a slight increase in cost, it’s better than the cost of treating any potential long-term side effects.

So, before you take your next trip to a nail salon to get a manicure, consider the health risks involved in visiting a traditional salon. A green nail salon is your best bet to be on the safe side!

Choose Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

Many brands these days are becoming quite aware of the dangers of some chemicals used in their products. So, they may have developed alternatives to make sure to specify that their product free of certain toxic chemicals.

When going to your next manicure session, look for 5-free nail polish. 5-free nail polish is free of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and camphor.

In case you’re wondering if these chemical-free products will serve the ultimate purpose of beautifying your nails, not to worry. They can!

There are many 5-free nail polishes near you, all you have to do is find them (at Greentoes) and enjoy the benefits of chemical-free nails.

Skip The Nail Acrylics

The idea of adding artificial nails to your natural nails to make them longer and more beautiful sounds amazing right? It does, but don’t get carried away just yet.

The side effects of these artificial nails are not a topic that is openly discussed, considering that the artificial nail industry is huge.

But here’s the real deal; when acrylics stick too firmly with your nails, it can lead to nail breaks which consequently leaves room for infections and inflammation and this kind of injury takes a long time to heal.

Also, the chemicals used in applying these acrylics are unhealthy as they contain toxic chemicals like resins and formaldehyde. When these chemicals are used on your nails for a long period, it can lead to the loss and destruction of your natural nails.

Additionally, when you file artificial nails, a lot of harmful particles are released into the atmosphere and these particles can cause damage to the body when it’s inhaled or when entering the eyes.

Do Your Nail Salon Research

Always keep in mind that your research goes beyond searching for the best nail salon near you. You have to visit and look into every salon until you find one that’s best for you.

You should be on the lookout for many things when you step into a nail salon. Things like how clean the nail salon is, whether there is enough ventilation, and are the nail technician’s licenses and certificates displayed? It wouldn’t hurt if you take a step further to notice if the technicians perform their hygiene like washing their hands after attending to a client. This may seem trivial, but nail technicians play a significant role if you want to get the best manicure experience.

Now you’re aware of the risks involved please don’t ignore these tips. Also, spread the word to others and keep them informed. And though green salons can appear a bit more costly than traditional salons, they’re worth the expense in the long run.

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