What To Do After a Massage (And What NOT To Do After a Massage)


Many people in Tucson assume that they can go about their daily lives right after getting a massage. While that is true, there are a few things you will want to do right after a massage. Similarly, there are also a couple of things you might want to avoid doing.

In this article, we will start with what you should do after a massage and then what you shouldn’t do right after it.

What To Do After A Massage?

The best thing about getting a massage, or perhaps one of its most significant benefits, is that it hydrates muscles and improves blood circulation. These are the so-called “wow” moments you experience during the massage. Generally, when people feel areas that were once blocked or constricted open up, it helps to relieve a great deal of physical stress. However, these stress points require water to be entirely flushed out.

So, you will first want to drink a significant amount of water after a massage. This will help you flush out the lactic acid and other metabolic waste accumulated in the knots. However, since massages are also generally dehydrating, it is essential to drink water right after to flush out all the toxins the massage helped to release from the knotted points.

Just in case you were wondering, we don’t advise replacing good old water with juices or sports drinks.

Stretch Your Body After A Massage

Once the massage therapist has broken up the adhesions in the muscles, you should stretch to reap its benefits. Stretching helps to realign the muscle fibers, which aids in overall recovery. In addition, you’re also actively training your nervous system, which aids in making our bodies more flexible.


Hydrotherapy can be immensely beneficial after a massage. It works by using the body’s reaction to both cold and hot stimuli; the application of heat with pressure from the water and the feeling of the water helps stimulate the immune system. It also improves blood circulation and aids in digestion. In addition, it influences the production of hormones and induces deeper sleep at night.

Make Sure To Eat After A Massage

As mentioned earlier, a massage affects the body’s blood circulation, and that helps to stimulate digestion. If you feel light-headed, it may be because you haven’t eaten.

Your body may feel the need to refuel after a massage. That’s why you might want to take a snack to your appointment. Something like a banana should do. However, it is essential that you eat light.

Get Some Rest After A Massage

If you can try to get some sleep after a massage, that will double its effects. It is essential to listen to your body. If your body says it wants to sleep, then sleep after the massage. Sleeping will help your body recover and repair sooner.

Take A Bath After A Massage

Bathing encourages rest, and it can be especially nice if you add Epsom salts to the mix. Epsom salts help heal aches and pains and open the blood vessels. However, if you don’t have a bathtub, you can make do with a warm shower. You’ll want to make sure it is warm and not cold, but not scorching hot either.

Don’t Forget To Urinate To Help Detox

That’s right if you feel like going, don’t hold it in. Urinating is the body’s way of dumping all the toxins from your body. The longer you hold it in, the higher the odds the body will reabsorb those toxins. You should especially urinate after drinking a few glasses of water which we recommend doing after a massage.

What Shouldn’t You Do After A Massage?

As mentioned at the start of this article, there are a couple of things you might want to avoid doing after a massage. While doing these things isn’t going to undo what the massage has done for your body, it may mean that you don’t maximize the benefits of the massage.

Don’t Shower Immediately After A Massage

Many people make the mistake of showering right after a massage or as soon as it is over. This washes the oil off and is a mistake. The fact is that a good massage heats the oil on your body, and it still needs around 60 minutes to get absorbed into the skin cells. Washing it off too early may not reap all the benefits of the oils used.

Avoid Eating Heavy After A Massage

Massages generally make you hungry because the increased circulation induces what we call high-performance mode, which also includes the digestive system. Eating a heavy meal will make you feel sluggish, lethargic, and bloated. A heavy meal will weigh you down even if you feel energetic after the massage.

Eating a healthy snack will help you feel more energetic and will not weigh your body down. The heavy meal can be eaten about two hours or more later.

Avoid Strenuous Activity After A Massage

An hour-long massage will reset your body’s so-called “relax mode.” You will want to let it continue in this state instead of waking the body up as some people do. Any strenuous activity like weightlifting, running, etc., can injure your muscles.

Instead, we advise engaging in less strenuous activities like light exercise. You can go for a walk, read a book, or watch a movie. That’s why we usually advise booking a massage for a day when you can chill at home for 4-6 hours without worrying about heading backing to work.

Get A Massage

Getting a massage in Tucson is one of the best things you can do for your body. However, just as important is your routine after the massage. Avoiding the stuff mentioned above and doing what we advise will help maximize the positive effects of the massage. That said, what positive results you feel after the massage also depends on the type of massage you get. Ideally, you will want a massage that resets your body, helping you feel more relaxed by relieving stress.

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