What Does Exfoliating Do For Your Skin And Why Is Exfoliation Important?


We all know the importance of moisturizing our skin in Tucson. It’s easy to tell when your skin is dry or needs some extra moisture. It may not be as obvious to tell when you’re in need of some exfoliation, and it might not be clear exactly why exfoliation is so important. Here’s what you need to know about incorporating exfoliation into your skin care routine and how it can improve the health of your skin.

What Is Exfoliating?

Your body rapidly sheds skin cells, with most people sloughing off about 500 million dead cells every day. Many of these cells don’t find their way off of your body. They get dry, and they stick to the healthy layer of skin. They can also become trapped by lanugo, the little fine “peach fuzz” hairs that cover our bodies.

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliation uses gentle acids found in nature (like lactic acid, which naturally occurs in plants and milk), plant-based enzymes, or a mildly abrasive material (like sugar or salt) to remove or buff away the accumulation of dead cells.

What Does Exfoliating Do For Your Skin?

Exfoliation makes it easier to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Your skin will both look and feel better after you exfoliate. Exfoliating can address many common skin care concerns, including boosting the efficiency of your skin care products.

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Dead skin on the surface of your body can prevent growing hairs from breaking through the surface after they’ve been shaved or waxed. Exfoliating can help to keep you smooth and protect you against post-shave bumps.

Removing Dry Patches

If your elbows, knees, and heels look dry or cracked, you need to remove the dead skin covering your joints. Exfoliating can work to prevent the buildup of dry skin and buff away the cracks. Following up with an intensive moisturizer can help to restore the smoothness of your skin. The same goes for dry patches on your face. Most people tend to develop dry patches underneath or between their eyebrows, in the folds surrounding their nose, and on their upper cheeks. If you notice that your skin looks flaky or that your makeup seems to look cakey, exfoliating can remove the dead cells contributing to poor skin texture.

Helping Skincare Products Work Better

Skincare products deliver their benefits to the deeper layers of your skin, where they work to nourish skin and improve its health. They can’t do that if a layer of dead, dry cells is preventing them from reaching those layers. When you exfoliate, you’re giving your active skincare ingredients a pathway to penetrate the skin and get to work at promoting a youthful glow and addressing your skin health concerns.

Does Everyone Need To Exfoliate?

Everyone can benefit from exfoliation, but some people are more likely to notice the benefits than others. Some people are excellent at naturally turning over their skin cells. They can easily wash them away with the dirt and debris of the day. Most people need a little extra help to reveal the smooth skin beneath.

You should never exfoliate irritated or sunburnt skin. If you have open wounds on your face or if your skin is in a state of healing, exfoliation can delay the process. It can also be painful. You should only exfoliate skin that’s healthy, aside from a little bit of dryness or dullness.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Skin?

How often you should exfoliate depends on the rate at which your dead skin cells accumulate and the sensitivity of your skin. People with sensitive skin find that exfoliating once a week gets the job done. If your skin is less sensitive or frequently accumulates dry patches, you might want to start with twice a week and go up to three times a week if you feel it’s necessary.

The most important thing is to give your skin breaks in between exfoliating sessions. There’s no need to exfoliate every single day unless you’re using an ingredient like salicylic acid cleanser for the management of acne. Give your skin some time to rebound and let some dead skin cells accumulate before you exfoliate again.

The skin on your body is a little tougher than the skin on your face. If you like to use a sugar scrub in the shower before you shave, you can likely use it every day without experiencing irritation.

Try An Exfoliating Facial

Greentoes in Tucson uses non-invasive methods and environmentally conscious skincare ingredients in our gentle exfoliating facials.


Dermaplaning is a facial procedure where an esthetician uses a small blade to gently scrape away dead skin cells and fine lanugo hairs from the surface of the face. It’s a lot like shaving, but it’s more precise and designed to target dead skin cells instead of hair. It’s not a painful process. Many people find it relaxing.

When the fresh, healthy layer of skin is fully uncovered, it’s ready to drink up nourishing skincare products like serums, moisturizers, and peels.

Exfoliating Peels

We use an organic enzyme peel to gently break down dead cells on the surface of your skin. The peel will loosen the dead skin, making it easy for the aesthetician to gently wash it away.

Moisturize And Nourish

After your skin is exfoliated, it needs a little extra care. We use organic moisturizers with ingredients like botanical oils and green apple stem cells to deeply nourish the skin. At the end of the process, you’ll look radiant, youthful, and soft.

Full Body Exfoliation

Our earl grey infused sugar scrubs are like an exfoliating facial for your whole body. If you find that the skin on your legs, elbows, feet, or back often gets dry, try a deeply relaxing body polishing treatment. Combine it with a mini massage to elevate your experience.

Book An Appointment For Better Skin

Greentoes is a full-service nail salon and day spa in Tucson. We’re always here to help you find your calm. If you’re ready to experience an exfoliating facial, you can book an appointment online or by phone.

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