Greentoes Voted One Of The Top 3 Day Spas In Tucson – Again!


We can’t believe it’s that time again. Tucson Weekly’s Best of Tucson has voted Greentoes as one of the Top 3 day spas in Tucson for yet another year. Every time, the honor feels just as important as the previous year. We’re constantly humbled to be at the front of Tucson’s mind for what we do, and we love to serve our community.

Our Community

Tucson is one of the most diverse places in the world. We’re a city filled with over one million people, and we’re growing every day. People from all walks of life with a vast array of ideas, hopes, and dreams call Tucson home. We’re flattered that our two eco chic mani pedi spas found our niche in Tucson – those of us who believe in practicing self care and cherishing the planet we all share. Greentoes has always aimed to be accessible to any Tucsonan who wants to look and feel their best.

What We Do

We know that there are many excellent day spas in Tucson. We’re fortunate enough to be one of dozens of wonderful options in our community. We strive to be a little different in our approach. Greentoes uses vegan and plant based products in our locations, and we put a special emphasis on environmental sustainability. It seemed to be a tall order when we decided to open the doors to our first location, but everything fell into place.

People in Tucson (and around the world) have been increasing their efforts to live a kinder, cleaner, and more conscientious lifestyle. We’re all taking steps to preserve the planet and be gentler on our environment. We wanted to build a business that was just as gentle on the Earth as it was on its clients, and we were able to achieve the balance that we desired.

We believe that everyone in Tucson deserves to find their calm. We wanted to create an environment for more than just pampering. We aim to make our guests’ experience with us spiritually satisfying. Everyone deserves to relax and free their minds, especially since the majority of us live such busy and full lives. A manicure is more than just a manicure, and a massage is more than just a massage. It’s an act of self care, and we all need a little more self care to be at our best.

Our Ultimate Gratitude

Over time, Greentoes has grown into something greater than we ever dreamed of. Our second location was made possible by the members of our community who believed in us and supported us over the years. That’s why being recognized as one of the top 3 day spas in Tucson is no small feat. It’s a sign that we’re continuing to move in the right direction, and that the people who come to visit us are truly enjoying that experience. This fills us at Greentoes with pure joy and gratitude.

If you’ve not yet come to visit us at Greentoes, we invite you to stop in at one of our locations. If you’ve spent time with us before, we’d like to reiterate just how much we appreciate you. The people of Tucson are the reason we do what we do, and it is always a pleasure to serve you.

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