Tucson Weekly Best of Tucson 2017


There are few things more humbling than being nominated for an award. Right now, we’re over the moon to hear that so many Tucson locals have had positive things to say about is. Greentoes has been nominated in Tucson Weekly, 2017 Best of Tucson. We’re one of the most unique day spas in the area because of our philosophy, and this nomination gives us reason to be grateful that so many people in the community understand the value of that philosophy.

We’ve even more humbled that this isn’t the first time we’ve found ourselves in the same position. Greentoes has been nominated as one of the Top 5 Best Day Spas in Tucson for four years in a row. We are overwhelmed with joy that the Tucson community thinks of us when they recall their favorite day spas. Tucson is a big place, and if we’re able to make enough of an impact that people consider us to be among their favorite places, we know we’re on the path to achieving all the goals we’ve set forth for our business.

We took a little bit of a risk opening Greentoes. It was almost like reinventing the wheel – people came to expect certain things from day spas, and we wanted to do something completely different. Our focus on keeping the soul as happy and healthy as the body is not a focus we shared with many other spas. Our commitment to using products that are friendly to the earth and vegan was a bold commitment that most day spas weren’t willing to make. The opportunity to deliver our concept was a gift, and we could never imagine it would be so well received.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us. Greentoes would have never come to be a successful day spa without the community lifting us up. We hope that we can continue to remain the favorite day spa of so many Tucson residents, and that the recognition we receive from this nomination will help us reach even more people. We greatly appreciate your continued support and loyalty to Greentoes.


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