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Tucson Nail SalonsTucson Nail Salons: Greentoes was given a nice mention in the Arizona Daily Star yesterday. We are constantly working to improve our Tucson Nail Salon business in any way that we can for our customer each year and 2014 is going to be no different.

Greentoes has been a journey for us, and we’re eternally thankful for the people who have embarked upon it with us. The recognition we’ve received will allow us to continue to do what we love for the community we care so deeply about.

Why Greentoes is Different

More or less, our whole business is a New Year’s Resolution that we’ve fully committed to. Many people attempt to change their lives for the better by eliminating bad habits and adopting good ones. We viewed our spa the same way.

Instead of grinning and working through the stress, we resolved to create a place where people would feel encouraged to relax. There’s no shame in taking time for yourself, and part of becoming the best version of yourself involves taking that time to unwind. We knew that slowing things down and taking a few moments to let gratitude and peace sink in was the right decision, and we hoped to encourage others to do the same.

Another pledge we made to ourselves was to be kind. More specifically, to be kind to ourselves and kind to the environment. We fulfill this pledge with the products we use in our spa. Opting for vegan formulas with fewer chemicals and organic alternatives wherever possible, we feel good about the treatments our guests receive. We’ve also made it easier for people who have made that same pledge to find a spa that caters to their needs.

We Encourage You to Read the Article:

We’re grateful for the media coverage we’ve received, and we encourage you to read the article we were featured in. We’d like to thank the Arizona Daily Star for helping us spread our ideas and cater to our customers in the Tucson area.

[Greentoes, 529 N. Sixth Ave.: “We resolve to stay educated on the best practices and products offered to date,” said Victor Thompson, owner of the “green” manicure and pedicure studio. “We also visualize participating in more community events this year as well as reaching out to community members who haven’t met us but need us, such as people who suffer from illness and wish to relax in a place that is calm and doesn’t offend their senses.”]

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