Tucson Massages Healing Properties for An Aching Heart and Mind


Tucson-MassageI love massages. Who doesn’t? No really, who doesn’t? Ahhhh, a foot massage during a pedicure is the best unless you can get a full focused massage and at Greentoes you can get both. I have been under extreme personal stress due to loss, which I shared a few weeks ago with all of you. I was worried about being able to find my calm, quiet my mind and heart. Due to this worry, I had not gone in for massage even though I knew I needed one more than ever. Then, unbeknownst to me, my husband, Victor, surprised me with an hour and a half massage at Greentoes, during what was supposed to be our date night. Sneaky but appreciated.


Tucson-Massage-crop-imageWith Alyssa as my masseuse, at Greentoes, I was able to completely relax. I was extremely grateful because my time with Alyssa served my soul and I was definitely able to find my calm. My sleep improved, I felt balanced, my mood unquestionably bettered. That timed spent in such a quality massage was the initiator in enhancing my balance during a time when my heart was heavy and my body was following suit. I wouldn’t have scheduled the session for myself because of my extreme sadness so the surprise turned out to be the best medicine for an aching heart and body. Thanks Victor and Alyssa.


Greentoes offers different focuses in massage to align best with what you need. The motivation to book a massage for yourself, or someone else, can vary from needing to relax, working on a sore spot, to being a much needed reward. Whatever your reasoning may be to experience a massage at Greentoes give yourself or someone else that time. You can choose from Prenatal, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, or even a Couples Massage.


My time with Alyssa, during my massage, was exceptionally healing and essential into moving forward into my present and future with more balance and heart.


Peace, Love and Joy

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