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Tucson FacialQuick Question… What is a facial?

a) A way to nourish your skin
b) A way to hydrate your skin
c) A way to address hyper pigmentation and acne
d) A way to relax
e) All of the Above


And the answer is, all of the above.


A Tucson facial is a way to really take care of yourself and that includes your skin. Many women, and men, are quick to pass up a facial and go straight for a massage to relax but facials have the power to provide multiple benefits too. I used to think of facials as a treat or gift, having them every once in a blue moon. Now, I know better and I have seen the results first hand. My own skin is softer, more even toned, and I almost never use any type of cover up anymore. I love what a good facial can do for my skin almost instantly.


Facials at Greentoes are given by our in house professional aesthetician, and often first-timers are in ahhh of what they have just experienced and eager to return. Our selected line, Eminence, is the top of the line, organic and vegan, smells amazing and that in combination with a true professional serving you makes a true impact on your results and experience. Don’t let experience you’ve had elsewhere paint a picture for you of what a facial is. You have to come to Greentoes to create a new definition of what a facial really is and what it really does. We are different and it is worth checking out. So, back to what I questioned before, what is a facial?


It’s not just a way to take care of your skin but it’s a way to relax. It is calming and indulging. It yields even greater results when you make facials a natural part of your skin regimen, coming in every 4 to 6 weeks. It hydrates, nourishes your skin, promotes clear completion, and addresses varying issues through cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration, etc. And, with the right experience you’ll be wondering how the heck you did not know about these babies sooner.


bright-skin-masqueI had hyper pigmentation due to pregnancy, you might know them as those brown spots that are often referred to as pregnancy mask. Some women get them with the onset of hormonal changes. I got them in the 3rd trimester and then they really took over when I was breast feeding my daughter. I was truly astonished at how our Bright Skin by Eminence, incorporated into facials, took care of it almost completely. This was after expensive trips to the dermatologist and costly ointment that didn’t do anything but peel the layers from my skin, ultimately leaving those brown spots right where they were when I started the treatment. When we opened Greentoes and I began regular facials I was floored by the difference in my skin. I wish I had known about these facials before I organized Greentoes.


One of our Greentoes’ clients, in particular, came in with discoloration and uneven facial surface, due to adult acne, and left after one visit with a more even tone, almost completely calmed irritation, and it continued to look as such in all of the visits after. Her face is super improved even a year after her initial visits. A few facials at Greentoes and the use of our Clear Skin by Emimence was the recipe for that particular client.


We are open Monday – Saturday from 9am to 6pm to set up your appointments or get you those gift certificates you are going to gift to your loved ones this Holiday Season or for birthday surprises.


Once upon a time I fell in love with Facials and so will YOU. It is a true love.


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