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The Greentoes story is a unique one. You won’t often hear many other business founders discussing how they formulated their plans the same way we did. Our story is part of the reason we’re so unique, and we’re happy to tell it.

Greentoes was created under the vision of Christina Rossetti Thompson, a native Tucsonan and a full time teacher. The creation of Greentoes took me by surprise. Greentoes is based off of a dream I had in December of 2011. I went to sleep and dreamt that I needed to slow down, I needed to create a place where I and others could find “Our Calm”. The entire concept, from the name of our studio to our studio practices were portrayed to me in my dream.

This was a complete shocker to me as I have been in education since 1997, teaching kids in Tucson, and opening an eco-chic mani pedi studio was nowhere in my daily do to-s. When I awoke, I wrote down everything from my dream. When my hubby awoke, he heard what I had to say and supported me and the vision 100%. And, that is when Greentoes took breath.

Greentoes was a massive change in our lives, but it’s a change we’re grateful for. We spent countless hours learning the business from the ground up, even though it’s something that we’d never imagined we’d be doing. Our learning journey turned into our career journey, and that journey brought us to success. We’re wiser and better for the work we’ve put into bringing Greentoes to life.

We’ve elated that the work we’ve done has helped the people of Tucson find the calm moments we know they deserved. We couldn’t stop the world from spinning, but we could create a place where people could focus on themselves and their wellbeing. Greentoes came to be exactly what it was dreamt to be.

Most importantly, the continued success of Greentoes shows us that dreams can literally come true. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort to manifest your ideas, you have the potential to positively impact the world.

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