How to Tap Into Your Dreams in a Powerful Way


Greentoes was the brain child of a dream, if that makes any sense whatsoever??? I thought it might be important to talk about why Greentoes even exists as it does and to do so I’m going to have to talk about my relationship with dreams since I can remember. I always relied on my dreams to guide me. In fact, I remember knowing that my dream and my reality were closely linked, if not the same. Now, we’ll fast forward to a few years ago, the recent past.


I was sleeping aside my hubby and I had a dream about my neurologists. I should also mention at this point that I have Multiple Sclerosis and was diagnosed about fourteen years ago. Anyway, I had an incredibly vivid dream in which my doctors and I were sitting around a table out in a green grassed area. As they sat across from me in their white coats, they explained that I would create a place called Greentoes. It would be a place of calm for many people, including myself. They explained the entire vision and concept. I was told in very clear segments what would happen and that I would make it happen.


Now, I should explain that having such a place was nowhere in my radar. I was a teacher at that point for 15 years or so, happily teaching and living my life. I didn’t know the first thing about building a business and for sure couldn’t have predicted I would be comparing and contrasting beauty products and tools as a project in this lifetime. BUT, the dream was so announced and so clear that I knew what was happening; I was being prepped for a huge transition.  I awoke from my dream and wrote down everything. When my husband awoke, I shared with him what had happened. His response was favorable and so Greentoes was born.


I researched, talked, made connections, bit by bit, I did what it takes to build a business while following a map gifted to me via a dream.


Dreams are so personal, they are where some of us are really awake and some of us recharge. Some don’t recall them and others can retell every detail of a certain dream years later. Greentoes was literally a dream of mine and I am so proud of where we are at as a contributor in the community.


Although I have never been to a dream workshop or read about dreams and their symbolism, I am going to share my experience in remembering my dreams.


1) Ask yourself to relax during sleep, prior to sleep time, and give yourself permission to recharge during dream state.


2) Pay attention to the sites and sounds of your dreams. When you awake, lay quietly and see if some piece comes to you, in time you’ll build your capacity for recalling your entire dream.


3) Talk about your dreams with people you trust. This will help you recall your dream and it will assist you  in recollecting the chronological order of what happened in your dream.


4) Trust your instincts.


So,  with that in mind….that’s really it. I chose to share my ideas and beliefs about dreams with you because they are what inspired Greentoes into it’s functioning parts. It is what brought together a lovely staff, Eminence Products, Sparitual Products, Planet Flops, and Sweet Peas Products to help Tucsonans find their calm. I love my dreams. May your dreams serve you well tonight and always.

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