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When most people in Tucson imagine their skin ready for summer, it is always that sun-kissed glow that you get from an even tan. However, you must ensure that your skin is well protected from the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation has stated that there are an increasing number of people diagnosed with skin cancer, and the number rises each year. Skin cancer is also among the most common types of cancer.

Skincare is not only about looking beautiful but also about having healthy skin. That’s why we’ve decided to put together some helpful skincare tips, hand-picked by our experts. The tips in this article will ensure that your skin isn’t just ready for the summer but all year long!

Daytime Skin Care Tips

Since most of us venture out during the day for everything from work to the pool, we thought it would be fitting to start with a daytime routine. Below are a couple of things you should do during the day.

Exfoliate Daily

Cell turnover is much slower in the legs, which is why we often see a buildup of dead skin cells hiding within them are ingrown hairs. Not only do these hinder the movement of the razor, causing razor burns, but they are harmful to your skin. Exfoliating is essential as it releases any hair that may be stuck underneath the skin. This makes shaving a lot less uncomfortable and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Shaving Using Hydrating Oil

While it is convenient to shave your legs during the morning shower, it isn’t the best time to do it. Our legs swell a bit when sleeping, which can hide certain parts of the body with hair. That’s why if you want a closer shave with no hair left unshaved, you will want to do it in the evening.

You will also want to shave at the end of your shower because that’s when the hair follicles are softer. Apply a high-quality organic body oil that will nourish your skin and leave it feeling smooth.

Use High-Quality Sunscreen

According to skincare experts, our risk of developing melanoma doubles if we suffer from sunburns more than five times in our lives. That’s why if you are planning on spending time in the sun, it is worth protecting yourself from sun damage.

You will want to use an SPF 30 sunscreen with zinc oxide. Regardless of if you are swimming or actively engaging in sports in the pool, use a water-resistant sunscreen. This will protect you from UV rays when outdoors during the summer. Plus, these are resistant to perspiration and water, so you can continue doing what you do best at the pool.

Hydrate Your Skin With A Replenishing Mask

Summertime means time at the pool for many people, but the water inevitably strips away the natural oil from our skins. This leaves our skin looking dry. That’s why it is imperative to treat your skin using a replenishing mask that rehydrates your complexion.

In addition to masking to replenish the water content in your skin, you will also want to keep your body hydrated. Ensure that you drink around eight glasses of water daily for moisture in your body to remain hydrated.

Use An SPF Moisturizer

An SPF 40 moisturizer offers the best protection in the summer. It uses zinc oxide, titanium oxide, and natural minerals that help block UV rays. Many formulations use lilikoi seed oil, which helps reduce signs of aging and shields skin from the elements. That’s why it leaves your skin hydrated and fresh.

Ideally, you will want to avoid any SPF moisturizers with silicone. Also, try to use one that protects against blue light stress and pollution. Some formulations have shea butter and a bit of vanilla scent for an extra dose of freshness. Older people will want to invest in an SPF moisturizer that targets dark spots and wrinkles.

Sun Care Makeup

If you are going to use makeup, make sure to use a multi-purpose formulation with mineral powders that help protect your skin from the sun. Not only does this lend a more natural look, but it defends your skin from a host of UV-related damage.

Speaking of makeup, don’t forget to use lip balm or lipstick that helps protect your lips from sunburn. Most formulations of this type will include zinc oxide along with lavender and rosehip oil to ensure that your lips continue to look as young and supple as they always have been.

Summer Night Skincare Routines For An Ongoing Glow

Sure, you might have been prepping for the summer during the day, but what you do at night is just as important. Your nighttime routine helps work your magic, ensuring that your body can repair itself, particularly from sun damage during the day. While you might be in the shade during the day, the sun is still impacting your skin. UV continues to affect you, leading to everything from itchy skin to dryness, which can take up to four hours to be noticed. That’s why your nighttime routine should replenish your skin’s moisture content.

Use A Repair Balm

If the skin is suffering from damage caused by sun exposure, you will want to repair it (usually visible as dry skin) to reduce redness. Use a repair balm, ideally one infused with sunflower, rosehip, and other essentials. This will help replenish the moisture in your skin, protecting it from the elements.

Use A Hydrating Formulation

If you are suffering from dry, itchy skin, use a hydration formula. Ideally, choose one with cooling properties like camphor, menthol, and aloe to assist with skin repair naturally. You can also layer this with a lightweight moisturizer that helps trap the moisture within your skin.

The best protection from the summer sun is to avoid it as much as possible. However, since it’s almost always sunny in Tucson, avoiding it may not be for everyone. That’s why you should make sure to take the proper precautionary measures to prevent sun damage to your skin while looking great during the summer.

The organic skincare products offered at Greentoes in Tucson will go a long way to achieving your summertime skincare goals. Schedule your next appointment with us today!

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