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2014 Tucson Fashion Week and Greentoes Tucson

Before the birth of Greentoes, I really had never considered or connected my day to day life with what was hitting the runways in New York, London, Paris and Rome. Why would I? I am a bonafide Tucsonan by trade, meaning Casual without Pretension is my go to style. This style can serve you from school drop off’s, dining, and sometimes perhaps even an event. It is what some of us love about Tucson and other’s shake their head at it in passing. If you are a shaker, do so in both directions with balance to avoid creating tension in the body.


fashion-weekBack to my point, back to the runways. Just two weeks ago, marked 2014’s Fashion Week in New York. How does this shape your life, my life, life at Greentoes? It does. The colors viewed on the runways will catch up to us in fashion, usually first in our accessories and then in our clothing. The florals or patterns showcased by designers will find their way into our hearts and then closets. I mean, have you seen Chevron’s on anything lately in bold colors, can you tie that back to bold colors in manis and pedis in the last few years? It is all connected back to what you are wearing and if not wearing, what surrounds your visual senses in day to day life.


We consider all of these factors at Greentoes as does Sparitual, whose products we love and devotedly use in our manis and pedis. Sparitual studies trends in fashion to create colors that are in style and on trend without ignoring classic beauty. When you are selecting a color at Greentoes for your manicure or pedicure we have already collaborated in advance to make sure you are taken care, fashion and beauty wise.


There is a back story and purpose behind each hue and tone selected for you and your nails. We think it out for you so you don’t have to. Fashion Week, World Renowned Designers, and You all come in part to pave the way in “Finding Your Calm” at Greentoes.


Peace, Love and Joy


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