5 Reasons To Book A Manicure Today


Most people in make the mistake of disregarding a manicure as a luxury experience. While it’s true that there is something slightly luxurious about feeling pampered and wearing a fashionable color on your nails, a manicure is more than something superficial. Manicures can actually help keep you healthy. The benefits are more bountiful than most people realize. If you’re thinking about booking a manicure in Tucson, here’s why you should.


To Keep Your Hands Clean

You can tell a lot about a person by their hands. People who perform manual labor for a living often have rough hands, because they use those hands to earn their paychecks. People who work in foodservice and the restaurant industry are hard on their hands. This can lead to hands looking rough, calloused, and unkempt. Dead skin builds up, dirt accumulates under the fingernails, and it’s hard to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance.

Some people don’t get manicures to make their hands look pretty – they get them to make their hands look clean and professional. Clipping the nails, managing the cuticles, removing calluses, and exfoliating the skin cleans the hands. They’re easier to keep clean when once they’ve been professionally managed. Men and women both benefit from the tidying effect a manicure provides. A simple clear polish and neatly trimmed nails make a huge difference.

To Keep Your Hands Healthy

Ingrown nails, fungal and cuticle infections, hangnails, and dry, cracked, or peeling nails are all common problems people face. A manicure is designed to do more than make the nails look nice – it also helps to keep the hands healthy. Problems, if left untreated, can become difficult to manage. Having hangnails properly removed, dealing with ingrown fingernails, and treating nail fungus will all improve the health of your hands.

Many upscale salons also massage the hands during a manicure, improving blood flow and circulation. This helps the heal cramped hands or overworked hands by encouraging the muscles to repair themselves. Some of the moisturizers and product used during a manicure contain nourishing ingredients that help improve the health of the skin as well. It may not have the same effect as eating all your servings of fruit and veggies everyday, but never the less, getting a manicure does boast a few health benefits.

To Undo The Damage Weather Has Done

The weather and free radicals can and will damage any skin that’s exposed to the elements. People rarely wear hand protection in their everyday lives, and they often forget to apply sun protection to their hands. If they do, sunblock will typically rub off rather quickly because of how often the hands are used. Cold weather draws moisture from the skin and leaves hands feeling rough.

Both winter and summer come with environmental factors that affect the hands. Hands need to be moisturized, and exfoliated, especially after winter. Dead skin prevents new, healthy skin from rising to the surface. The dead skin needs to be removed so that the new skin can come to the top. Feeding the new skin with nutrients helps it feel supple and smooth. When the hands are properly moisturized and exfoliated, the nails can grow strong and healthy.

To Relax, Destress, And Enjoy Yourself

Many people find manicures to be relaxing. This doesn’t mean that they’re unnecessary. Relaxation is good sometimes. When you’re all wound up with stress, it’s hard to live your life. You can’t give your all at work. You might not sleep as well at night. Everything feels like a bummer when you haven’t had time to sit back and enjoy yourself. If manicures relax you, try to book one every few weeks. Even if it’s only a few moments, you’re unwinding and enjoying yourself.

To Feel And Look Your Best

People feel better about themselves when they like the way they look. Manicures come with practical benefits, but they also improve your appearance. Some people are happy with a beautiful, glossy polish. Other people prefer long tips, eye catching nail art, and flashy designs. Manicures can reasonably be considered a form of creative expression, much like fashion.

Think about how great you feel in your favorite outfit. Remember what it feels like the first time you go out after changing to a hair color you really love. A manicure gives you the opportunity to boldly express yourself with minimal commitment. You can change it every couple of weeks and immediately regain that mood boost that puts a little pep in your step.

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Greentoes provides a calm, soothing environment for your manicure. One of our professional manicurists can help make your hands soft, smooth, and healthy. Pick your statement color from our wide range of vegan nail lacquers formulated without the numerous harsh chemicals found in various nail salons. Book a manicure with us today – we provide an experience that our clients feel great about!

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