The Benefits Of Prenatal Massage While Pregnant


Massage while pregnant is a relaxing experience, but it also boasts some important health benefits. While pregnancy is a completely natural process, it also causes changes in the body that lead to temporary discomfort. Since pregnant women are limited in the way they can safely and effectively relieve their discomfort during pregnancy, they often turn to prenatal massage therapy. The good news is that getting a massage while pregnant from Greentoes in Tucson is one of the most highly effective ways to manage aches and pains, so mothers-to-be will never have to settle for subpar remedies.pregnant-woman-getting-massage

Pain Relief

As babies grow, they place pressure on the nerves in the lower back. This often leads to pain that runs from the small of the back down the legs. The baby doesn’t have much room to move, so this pressure on the nerves is often constant. Targeted massage, while you are pregnant, can relieve the painful pressure in these areas, as well as tension that occurs in muscles as a result of the growth of the baby.

The abdominal muscles, as well as the back muscles, are really put to task during pregnancy. This often leads to tension and soreness as the body changes to accommodate the baby. Using the right pressure and massage positions, a massage therapist can safely ease this tension. This results in a greater range of motion and better flexibility, allowing pregnant women to make the most of healthy exercise activities like prenatal yoga or Pilates.

Mood Boosting

Pregnancy is a highly hormonal process. Elevated levels of certain hormones during pregnancy can throw off a woman’s natural rhythm. Many pregnant women deal with an excess of cortisol, which is the hormone the body produces during stressful times. This can lead to women feeling achy and stressed out, often reducing their quality of sleep and ability to get up and get moving.

Hormones changes, aches, trouble sleeping, and stress can often dampen a pregnant woman’s mood. Massage encourages the body to produce a surplus of its own natural “feel good” chemicals that create a gentle rush of happiness and a wave of soothing calm. These boosts stay with you, helping you get better sleep at night and reducing your levels of stress for a few days. With regular prenatal massage, you can keep yourself in a happier, healthier, more relaxed state throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Reduction Of Swelling

Most pregnant women are used to dealing with swelling, particularly in their lower extremities. Some pregnant women go up a shoe size or find that they can only comfortably wear sandals. This is because pregnancy increases the amount of blood in the body, as well as the number of fluids the body needs to work properly. Combine that with the additional pressure on the circulatory system of the body, and the result is typically mild edema.

Since massage improves the body’s circulation, collected or pooled fluids are easily able to clear out around the joints. Waste fluids are easily flushed away by the body so that they can no longer place uncomfortable pressure on the joints. The sooner swelling is addressed, the less severe it will become. With regular management of swelling, some pregnant women will find that it never gets to be a significant problem.

Is Prenatal Massage Safe?

Not all massage therapists are familiar with the specifics of prenatal massage. As long as you find the right massage therapist who uses the proper techniques, prenatal massages are both safe and relaxing. Depending on the circumstances, some prenatal massage therapists may avoid contact with the abdomen.

Some pregnant women may not be ideal candidates for prenatal massage because of pre-existing health conditions that affect their pregnancies. Women whose pregnancies are considered high risk, as well as women with preeclampsia, hypertension, severe and unmanageable swelling, or a history of pre-term labor may not be able to safely benefit from prenatal massage.

It’s important to discuss prenatal massage with your pregnancy healthcare provider. He or she will be able to tell if you’re a good candidate for prenatal massage or give you special instructions for your prenatal massage therapist. If your care provider agrees, it’s safe to receive prenatal massages throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Many women also opt for post-natal massages to help their bodies recover from childbirth.

Incorporating Prenatal Massage Into Your Pregnancy Care Plan

The healthier the mom, the healthier the baby. Mothers need to remember to care for themselves and stay happy and healthy throughout their pregnancy. Many pregnant women find that prenatal massage is calming and rejuvenating, leading them to regularly schedule massages throughout their pregnancy.

If you have a little one on the way, Greentoes in Tucson would be happy to help you integrate prenatal massage therapy into your pregnancy care plan. You can use our convenient online booking system or give us a call to find your calm with us.

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