Why Every Guy Deserves A Pedicure


Pedicures aren’t just for women – they’re for anyone with toes. In most parts of the world, it’s perfectly normal or even expected that a man will want to take care of his feet. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise, because they probably haven’t felt the relief that a great pedicure from Greentoes in Tucson can give you.

If you haven’t been taking the best care of your toes, you’re probably not reaching for your sandals. You probably have rough feet and toenails that you’re not eager to show off. A pedicure can change all of that, and as soon as you’ve tried it once, you’re probably going to want to do it again.

The Benefits Of A Pedicure

Man's-Feet-After-PedicureWhen was the last time you really exfoliated all the dead skin off of your feet? Do you have calluses, or hangnails, or dirt under your toenails? Did you even realize that you should be taking care of all that stuff? That stuff won’t go away with time. It needs to be managed, and if you’re long overdue, you’re going to need a pro to come in and clean things up. Sure, it makes things look nice, but it’s also a matter of hygiene. Feet get dirty quickly, so it’s important for them to be cleaned properly.

Pedicures are also relaxing. If you work on your feet all day, you know how sore they can get. If you spend a lot of time at the gym doing weighted squats, you’re really putting your feet in the hot seat. You’re getting a little break, you’re taking care of your feet, and they’ll feel much better by the time all is said and done.

Getting a pedicure isn’t that much different from going to the barber. Get groomed up. You’ll look good, you’ll feel good and there’s absolutely no shame in that,” says Victor Thompson, the owner of Greentoes in Tucson.

What Happens When You Sit Down

We offer several different pedicures, varying between 25 minutes and an hour in length. They come with nail lacquer, but that’s entirely optional. We can’t blame you if bright purple toenails just aren’t your personal style. We can skip that and spend a little more time on the things that matter most to you.

The express pedi is quick, but it’s best for a touch up. It’s a simple relaxing soak and massage, and it doesn’t take us very long. If you’ve never had a pedicure before, our essential pedi is a better starting point. It’s a 45 minute process that involves a relaxing foot soak and massage, cuticle and nail care, and an all-natural callus remover.

If you’re really looking to chill out for a while, our signature pedi is the way to go. It’s a 60 minute treatment with a long soak and exfoliation. We use aromatic herbs in relaxing fragrances to encourage you to breathe deeply and relax for a while. We’ll scrub away the dead skin, moisturize your feet, and take care of your calluses and cuticles. You’ll also get a free mini nail lacquer that someone important in your life will probably appreciate. You’ll look thoughtful passing it off as a gift.

Lastly, there’s the slow beauty pedicure, and here’s where we’re really not messing around. This is the most deluxe and luxurious experience we offer, and it lasts 60 or 70 minutes. If you’ve been working on your feet your whole life, this is the pedicure you deserve. You choose the fragrance you want – sample a few to decide which one relaxes you the most. Then, you’ll receive the most luxurious exfoliation and moisturization we can possibly offer. We can make the toughest of tough feet soft again – it’s like walking out the door with an entirely new pair.

The products we use in all of our pedicures are organic and vegan, so there’s no reason to worry about the ingredients. We care about the environment, and we care about the health of your skin.

Turn It Into A Guy’s Day Out

If you and your guy friends have been stressed out lately, there’s no reason why you can’t all come get pedicures together. Make a pedicure a part of your plans. Relax with us before you go grab something to eat.

We also offer private rooms for individuals or couples. If your significant other would really like a pedicure, the two of you can come get one together. You’ll be able to bond and settle down together in the comfort and privacy of our private mani-pedi suite. We like to keep it quiet and calm in the private room so everyone can make the most of the experience.

Let’s Get You Booked!

You can book a pedicure for yourself or for a couple through our website. We aim to make it the most relaxing experience possible. Try it once at Greentoes – we swear you’ll get hooked!

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