Pedicure Tips For People With Diabetes


Many people in Tucson want to look and feel their best in a pair of open footwear since it is often hot outside. A pedicure is one of the best options for looking presentable for most people. However, for those who have diabetes, getting a pedicure is something that they need to think through about because of the potential risks involved.

For starters, there is the risk of infection. This infection can raise blood sugar levels, which then impedes the natural healing process, putting the patient at severe risk of various conditions like ulcers, and they could even be facing the prospect of amputation.

Now before you schedule a visit to your friendly nail salon, you will want to check with a physician to make sure it is the right decision. You may also want to find a nail salon in your area that has experience doing pedicures for diabetics. This way, you know that they have experience successfully doing pedicures and manicures without it leading to adverse effects.

After your physician and your local nail salon gives you the green light to proceed, sticking to a couple of basic precautions may help lead to a safer experience.

It is worth understanding that people who have not controlled their diabetes may also develop foot problems, which can be everything from nerve damage to restricted circulation, leading to a myriad of complications.

Problems with circulation mean that your foot cannot find infections as efficiently. Nerve damage can lead to a loss of feeling, which means if you end up injuring your foot, there is a good chance you may not notice it. So, any nicks and cuts at the nail salon may damage your health. That’s also why diabetics will want to visit a nail salon with experience doing pedicures for diabetics. This means they will be extra careful with people who have this condition and perform your pedicure with the utmost care.

Below we’ll go into a couple of doctor-approved foot care tips. You will want to consider these tips before heading to your nearest nail salon for a pedicure.

When To Skip A Pedicure?

Anyone with an infection, open sores on their legs, cuts, or ingrown toenails will want to avoid the nail salon since it poses many risks. Also, people with neuropathy will want to avoid the nail salon. Neuropathy is mainly nerve damage that generally affects people with diabetes.

Make sure to contact your physician for a referral to a specialist trained to look at and care for the feet, such as a podiatrist, without it becoming the source of adverse effects.

Don’t Shave Your Legs For 48 Hours Before A Pedicure

Shaving your legs will leave behind tiny nicks on the skin, increasing the chances of an infection. Anyone with neuropathy will probably know that it leads to a loss of sensation in the most affected areas. When you can’t feel a nick or wound, this means that diabetes is unaware of cuts or blisters on the feet, which then means they start festering into ulcers and sores, which, if not taken care of, can lead to a full-blown infection.

Find A Nail Salon With Impeccable Cleanliness

Once you find the nail salon, make sure that you tell the person in charge that you have diabetes and find out what sanitization procedures they follow. Often reputable nail salons will work with clients and show them around. Ensure that the foot baths are clean, which means they should be disinfected after each customer uses them. The same goes for tools like clippers, which should be sanitized after being washed using a disinfection solution, or a surgical autoclave that uses pressurized steam to sterilize all instruments.

Mention That You Are A Diabetic Before The Pedicure

Make sure that the nail technician knows you’re a diabetic so that they don’t do anything that scratches your skin or injures it in any way. If you don’t like what the nail technician is doing, simply let them know.

Bring Up A Few Protective Practices

Tell the nail technician to avoid cutting your nails too close to the skin. Nails that are cut too short encourage instances of ingrown toenails, and that often leads to an infection. The edges of your toenails shouldn’t be too sharp, so be sure that the nail technician rounds them off using a nail file.

Skip Services That Will Injure Your Skin

It would help if you didn’t allow a nail technician to cut the cuticles or use a sharp instrument on the skin or under your toenails. After soaking your feet for a couple of minutes and the skin around your feet are soft, the cuticles can easily be pushed using a cuticle pusher or sterilized orange stick; this is made from orange wood and is the perfect manicuring tool.

After the pedicure, you will want to keep a close eye on your legs and feet for signs of an infection. Usually, this will manifest as a red blotch. If you do, it’s time to call your physician immediately.

Greentoes in Tucson can help those with diabetes enjoy a perfectly safe pedicure at one of our two convenient locations. Schedule your next pedicure with us today. We can help you, just like we’ve helped so many others living with diabetes in the Tucson area.

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