One Thing At A Time


One Thing At A TimeRaising ourselves to do one thing at a time in 2014 is a challenge, perhaps even a trick. How many activities do you really do completely in of itself? When you eat do you just eat or are you watching television at the same time? Are you distracted as a driver, chatting it up or texting with one hand on the wheel, or focused actual driving in the actual moment you are driving?

What if for just one day we only do one thing at a time? How would that change our awareness, our enjoyment, our focus, and even our retention? No rushing our minds from one subject or emotion to another, rather slowing down to hear the sounds, smell the aromas, and see what comes before us. I predict this could raise anxiety before a consciousness or appreciation.


I am a bit of a master of one thing at a time but only because I have had to, having Multiple Sclerosis. I was forced to change the way I did things because of the jumbling that was taking place in my brain in my day to day life. I could no longer multi-task and this created a huge shift. If I am reading, I read. If I am eating, I eat. If I am stretching I stretch. If I am talking I talk. I can not confuse two things at once, it overwhelms my senses and shuts me down completely. Sometimes, I miss the lady who once taught 140 students, various subjects throughout the day, tracking their progress and creating lessons to help them get where they need to get but the lady that is me now knows how one thing at a time has saved me in so many ways.


lifestyle coffeeWhat would your day look like tomorrow if it was just a one thing at a time kind of day? Would your coffee be in front of a sunrise instead of the television? Would your phone be off during your drive to pick up the kids? Would you see the butterflies around you instead of your tablet screen full of ever changing images your brain can’t process fast enough in the first place? Try it, just for one day.


This practice and ideal is the basis for Greentoes‘ services and how we deliver our vision one client at a time. It is how we are different than the run around of everyday life. It is Slowing Down for even just the hour you are in with us and indulging in your senses. One sense at a time. One thing at a time.

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