Oh MAN, I Love Greentoes!!!

We don’t often picture grabbing our best guy friend or taking our hubby with us when we go for a pedicure, but why not? Did you know that the male folk, in spas, getting the same services we love to indulge in, is on the rise? That is correct! The guys are coming in for manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and massages, just like us gals do. They usually go for clear manis and pedis (loving attention to their cuticles and the treatment package that comes with it), they love facials, massages, and even come in for waxing.

So, not only are the men coming in with their ladies for their own pampering, but there is an attention to detail in grooming that perhaps didn’t exist a number of years ago. More and more men are taking care of those grooming needs at Greentoes.

Manicures and pedicures are more than just grooming. Men who work with their hands often complain of roughness, calluses, split nails, and hangnails. Men who work on their feet have the same complaints about their toes. The grooming aspect is fun, but the health and cleanliness factor might be enough to push even the most stubborn guy into getting a treatment he needs and deserves.

Massage is often overlooked as a service for men, but many of them need it. Massage is more than a luxury. The physical and mental benefits of massage is another favorite reason males book appointments at Greentoes. We also find our male clients are often eager to buy gift certificates as gifts for special events and occasions.

So ladies, think about bringing in your bff, even if your bff is a guy. Bring your hubby, or your brother, or father, or any guy at all. Well, any guy you know. They love pampering just as must as the gals. Guys, bring in a special gal for a date and get a service for yourself while you’re there.

Have fun, find your calm, spend quality time with your loved ones, male and female. With recent statistics in, stating that 35% of the Spa Goers are indeed male these days, we thought you should know that Greentoes is here for everyone to find their calm. We’re managed by a manly man, and he’s no stranger to the pedicure chair.

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