Greentoes Opens New Location In North Tucson


Greentoes has been pleased to serve the Tucson community over the years. Sharing our vision with Arizona since 2012 has been one of the most profound experiences possible. We’re fortunate enough that the community helped our vision take flight, allowing us to open a new location in North Tucson. Our ability to open this second location is a blessing that we are thankful for.


Our business was literally born from a dream. Now, that dream has become a reality that continues to grow with us. It’s been humbling to see the way the community has responded to our ideas, and we’re honored to have become a part of so many lives. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to use our new North Tucson location to help even more satisfied clients find their calm with us.

The Greentoes Philosophy

We built our business around a few simple ideas. One of the most important ideas is that people need to slow down. We all lead busy, full lives that sometimes prevent us from being able to step back and unwind for a moment. We worked to create the perfect calm place to allow our guests to unwind. We recognize that mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being, and it’s hard to be well when people don’t get enough calm moments in their lives.

The other most important idea is kindness. We should be kind to ourselves and kind to our environment. We searched high and low to find the perfect products that would work for everyone who walked through our doors. Everything we use, from our nail lacquers to our skincare products, is vegan and organically sourced. We didn’t want to exclude anyone. Our goal from the very beginning was to do good, both to others and the planet we share with them.

We are flattered with the response to our philosophy. It brings us joy that others understand the merit of that philosophy, and often share the same values. We’re proud of the awards we’ve received, as well as the testimonials we’ve amassed over the years. Our connection with the Tucson community has been strong, and we’re thankful to have the opportunity to make the same connection with North Tucson.

Our Spa Services

Greentoes is a full service day spa. We provide a whole host of massages, waxing services, manicures, pedicures, and facials. Every product we use and the way every service is provided is a deliberate decision. We want our clients to walk away with healthier nails, healthier skin, healthier muscles, and increased confidence. Our services are more than just pampering. They’re a way to take care of your body from the outside in.

Our services are equally as important as the environment they’re performed in. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel comfortable, and to leave feeling even better than they did when they came in. That’s why we offer options like special aromatherapy scents to help evoke positive feelings. We have private mani-pedi room to relax together or for people who just want a little alone time.

Greentoes ensures that our spas are peaceful and tranquil environments. By eliminating the hustle and bustle and focusing on a soothing ambiance, we’ve created spaces where all of our guests can treat their services as genuine relaxation opportunities. We all need time to unwind. Sometimes, getting pampered is exactly what the soul needs. Everyone should practice self care – we’re all uniquely valuable people on this planet, and each and every one of us deserves the opportunity to relax.

We Provide It All

Greentoes aims to satisfy every need that people have. Our full list of services, coupled with the products we use, makes it possible for anyone to walk through the door and get exactly what they need. By providing everyone in one place, we hope we can encourage people to find as much calm with us as possible. Our massage therapists want to soothe your sore muscles. Our manicurists want to give you clean and healthy nails. Our facial specialists want to give your skin the nutrients it needs to generate new and youthful cells. We work to create a positive experience for the planet, the body, and the soul.

We Invite You To Visit Us

If you haven’t already found your calm at Greentoes, we invite you to give us a try. If our Central Tucson location was a bit too out of reach, perhaps our new location in North Tucson will be a little more convenient. We’d love to welcome you through the doors of the second location we’ve been so fortunate to open. You can book services with us online or by phone. Any time you’re looking to find a little inner peace, Greentoes is always there to help you find your calm.

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