Simple And Natural Skincare Tips


Some treatments may help improve the quality and appearance of your skin, but nothing is better than taking proper care of it. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it’s always exposed to the elements. Giving your skin the care it needs will keep it youthful and healthy for years to come.


Drink Plenty Of Water

Hydration is of the utmost importance. Hydration is moisture, and moisture is youthfulness. If you’re not drinking enough water, your skin might develop fine lines or begin to loose fullness. Water adds a little bit of plumpness that smooths out the face, adds radiance, and reduces the potential for roughness. Moisture from the inside from the help of proper hydration is just as important as any topical treatment you might use on your skin.

Keep Yourself Out Of The Sun

The sun is not always bad. Sunlight helps our bodies create vital D vitamins, and being outdoors during the daytime even boasts mental health benefits. Summer fun is good for you, but you need to take the right precautions before you indulge. Always wear sunscreen and proper eye protection. You’ll still get the benefits that come from sunlight without sunburn, and using a broad spectrum sunscreen will reduce your risk of melanoma.

Find New Favorite Makeup Products

People on a budget don’t want to spend a fortune on makeup, but it may be worthwhile to splurge occasionally. Inexpensive makeup often contains comedogenic ingredients, which can lead to breakouts. When possible, opt for dermatologist tested cosmetics that use as few ingredients as possible. You’ll be less likely to see an adverse skin reaction, and if you do, you should discontinue using them.

Get Enough Exercise

Exercise gets your blood flowing, and this improved blood flow benefits the body in many ways. One of which is that oxygen rich blood helps your body repair itself and generate new cells. It can help your existing cells flush away metabolic byproducts of free radicals and other waste. When you shed your old skin cells, the new skin cells will be healthier than the previous round.

Moisturize Your Skin

A great moisturizer can do a lot to improve the appearance of your skin. If you opt for moisturizers with natural, proven ingredients, you’re giving your skin some nourishment. If you have sensitive skin, avoid moisturizers with added fragrances. Fragrant additives are an irritant, and can sometimes lead to redness. Use a moisturizer with a high SPF during the daytime.

Ditch Some Bad Habits

We all know that smoking is bad for the lungs, but it’s also bad for the skin. Drop the cigarettes, and you’ll feel much better for it. Alcohol draws moisture from the body. While it’s alright to occasionally indulge in an alcoholic beverage from time to time, don’t make it a regular habit. Frequent drinking causes a whole host of internal and external side effects that will change the way you look and feel.

Keep It Clean

Washing your face at the end of the day is so important. It’s even more important if you’re wearing makeup. Leaving dirt or products to sit on your skin overnight will only increase the potential that they’ll clog your pores or dry out your skin. Even if you need to drag yourself kicking and screaming to the bathroom sink, your skin will appreciate you. Keep some facial cleansing wipes on your bedside table if you’re forgetful – a quick cleanse is better than no cleanse at all.

Remove Dead Skin

Even if you’re using the best moisturizer in the world, it won’t do you much good if a thick layer of dead skin cells is preventing it from reaching your new skin. Exfoliate at least once a week. A gentle exfoliation will slough off the old cells and leave some room for the healthy new cells to shine.

Eat A Balanced Diet

The quality of your diet affects the quality of so many other things in your life – including your skin. Your skin requires certain vitamins to look great and function properly. Omega 3 fats, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, and even probiotics play an important role in skin health. Adding more fish and citrus fruits into your diet is a great choice for your body, and you’ll start seeing results on the outside.

Find Your Calm

Stress, unless it’s being positively channeled as a motivator to reach your goals, is bad for you. It can interrupt sleep patterns and the body’s natural processes, making it hard for your skin to recalibrate and find a basal state of health. Removing stress from your life is never a bad idea, especially since stress shows in the face.

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