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I was struck by the word moment, for the first time in my life, just yesterday. I saw the word MOM looking back at me when I read it. How many times have I seen this word, read this word, written it and now and only now do I see MOM looking back at me as it runs through my mind. So, then I began the process of figuring out what MOMent means to me. I am defining MOMent as:

a) the time you get to spend with your mom, sharing life’s moments

b) the time you get to spend as the mom, sharing life’s moments

c) the time you take for yourself to feed your heart and mind so you can be your best self ,as a mom or daughter, to exchange those moments.

(Daniel Webster please be advised I have added and defined MOMent for your next Dictionary).


Mother-baby-greentoesI am a mom, I think everyone is in someway, to children or our animals or the environment or in raising ourselves. There is a maternal role usually that rears it’s head purposely or perhaps even fortuitously.


To be our best self in any role, we know how essential it is to experience MOMents. Perhaps that means a quiet cup of tea or drive by ourselves, or a walk, or the ever so popular soul-feeding talk with a cherished friend. We need our MOMents. In turn, we become fed, better prepared for the multitude of shifts and questions of the day from those around us, needing us to answer this, reach for that, help with whatever it is they need help on. The goal is that we, as a result of taking these seconds, minutes, pulses in time, for ourselves, we then share the experience of  MOMents with our kiddos. It’s circular.


Take time for yourself in any way you can, at Greentoes, at the Library, on a walk, or in the silence of your commute to and from your destinations, but take time to feed your heart and mind. Your MOMent is awaiting, find it, and you will find your calm.

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