Tucson Dermaplaning

Refining Signature Facial

Like our Signature Facials, this facial allows you to choose your intent and focus, from four treatments, during a consultation with our aesthetician to best suit your personal needs. This facial includes “Dermaplaning” as part of your facial treatment to enhance your overall experience. Clients who routinely receive dermaplane facial treatments notice smoother complexion and generally notice an immediate enhancement to the radiance of their skin tone.

70 mins $119

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Power Peel

This treatment is great way to receive a deep exfoliation cleanse on your facial skin to address any skin type. This facial treatment opens with dermaplaning followed by application of organic enzyme peel, leaving your skin ready to absorb our Organic nutrient infused moisturizers with SPF.

45 mins $99

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$69 | This is an excellent treatment for invigorating and revitalizing our skin. This treatment may also be used to enhance the absorption of our organic enzyme peels. Dermaplaning is usually only performed on the face and generally excludes treatment of the eye lids, nose, neck, or chest. Along with discarding away dead skin cells, dermaplaning can help reduce the visibility of acne scarring, slight wrinkling and dark spots, as well as do away with extraneous vellous (tiny peach fuzz) hairs on the face. Furthermore, dermaplaning treatments can target specific areas of need more easily and skillfully than other procedures that use larger instruments and focus on the face as a whole.

30 mins $69

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