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Greentoes was truly honored when City of Tucson mayor Jonathan Rothschild paid them a visit on 21st, of April, 2015. Mayor Rothschild made a special trip, to Greentoes, to congratulate Tucson business Owner, Victor Thompson in earning a prestigious Arizona 2015 Success Award. We thank Mayor Rothschild for stopping by, and we are humbled to have been chosen as an award recipient.

The Arizona Success Awards are handed out every year to a modest number of Arizona based small businesses. They’re designed to recognize and reward the spirit of entrepreneurship in Arizona, a state most known for its friendliness to small business. Hundreds of people in the small business community attend every year, and the awards are handed out by prominent local political figures who hope to keep entrepreneurship thriving strongly.

Since 2011, Arizona has been ranked the number one state for startups and small business. The nature of Arizona is what makes the state so friendly to families, dreamers, and hardworkers. The startup friendly climate in Arizona has contributed immensely to the success Greentoes has seen. It’s always an uphill battle to make your dream become a reality, but in a state like Arizona that was practically built for entrepreneurs like us, we were able to watch our vision take flight without much resistance.

Despite all of the effort we put into opening Greentoes, we still could not have found the success we sought without a community that supported us. We’re eternally grateful to every guest that walks through our door. Every time someone comes to us for a spa service, they’re helping to fuel our continued success. We want Tucson to know that we’re grateful that they’ve welcomed us with open arms, and that we welcome them into our business the exact same way.

Greentoes was chosen for this award in recognition of business growth and purposely-executed business plan in the Tucson community. We wear this award like a badge of honor. It feels amazing to see our hard work recognized by prominent leaders in the state of Arizona. Victor Thompson extends his gratitude to Mayor Rothschild for taking time out of his busy schedule to spend some time at Greentoes. Everyone deserves the opportunity to find their calm with us – even the mayor of Tucson. Way to go Greentoes!

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