The Top 5 Myths About Massage Therapy


A lot of people who could really use a great massage wind up talking themselves out of it. With so many myths surrounding massage therapy, a lot of people believe that a massage wouldn’t solve their issue – at least not in the long term. Some people think that massages are painful and they can ask just anyone to “work the kink” out of their lower back. This couldn’t be further from the truth and at Greentoes we would like to clear up a few common misconceptions.

massage-therapyMassage, as both a treatment for discomfort and a relaxation experience, has been used since ancient times. The reason people still turn to massage is because it’s medically proven to work. Some people even find a spiritual comfort in the experience. Before you decide whether or not a massage is for you, make sure your decision isn’t based on any of these myths.

The Pain Means It’s Working

Some people will forgo the opportunity to get a massage because they fear it might be painful. They can’t imagine why anyone would perceive a massage to be a relaxing experience. While some aspects of a massage may cause minor and temporary discomfort, a massage shouldn’t hurt the whole time.

Massage therapists sometimes use deep and concentrated pressure to alleviate the pain of scar tissue, adhesions, or “knots”. When done correctly, most people describe this as a positive pain. They can feel that the pressure is addressing the problem.

If at any point during a massage you’re feeling prolonged pain or you find the pressure to be uncomfortable, you should alert your massage therapist. Areas you don’t want to be worked on can be avoided, and pressure can be reduced to a much lighter touch.

All Massages Are Created Equal

While it’s sometimes relaxing and a fun way to bond, turning to your spouse for a massage may not correct the underlying source of the problem. A licensed massage therapist knows how to find the source of the discomfort and address it directly, as well as the surrounding area that may also be affected.

There are different types of massages that utilize varying techniques. These techniques are designed for specific purposes. The type of massage you receive is just as important as the qualifications and anatomical knowledge that the therapist massaging you possesses.

Massages Only Work For Muscles

Massages do directly affect muscles, but they also affect every other part of your body. They also work to heal and loosen the connective tissues that keep your body together. The stimulation of these muscles and tissues has a profound affect on the way your body works. Not only will it be easier for you to move, it will be easier for your body to repair itself.

Massages lead to improved circulation, promoting the flow of oxygen rich blood. They also improve the circulation of lymph and synovial fluid, which help your body fight off infections and lubricate your joints. After a massage, your entire body becomes a well-oiled machine. You’re operating at a higher efficiency and everything becomes much easier.

Massages Are Only A Temporary Fix

Massages do provide temporary relief, but they’re also a long-lasting lesson. The treatment of your muscles will make it easier for you to maintain better posture and exercise effectively – two core components of keeping your body in good health.

Regular massage therapy can treat nagging injuries that come and go. This is why so many medical professionals recommend treatments like massage and physical therapy to chronic pain patients. They can also help muscles heal after childbirth or during pregnancy, when the body is facing a lot of additional strain.

Massages Can’t Help My Pain Or Discomfort

People use massage to treat all kinds of ailments – including emotional ones. Before you assume that a massage won’t help your particular kind of discomfort, speak to a massage therapist about it. You may be surprised what you learn.

People who experience frequent migraines often seek out massage treatments. Loosening the muscles surrounding the head and neck that contribute to tension headaches can drastically reduce the physical strain a migraine can cause.

Massages also encourage the body to release some of its own natural chemicals. These endorphins, such as serotonin, can change the way you feel. They reduce pain and boost the mood, making a massage just as good of a treatment for physical pain as it is for simply feeling stressed out. You can massage the blues away and return to work with a perkier attitude, even when things are tough.

Let Greentoes show you the world of good a massage can do. We’ve created a warm and relaxing environment for our licensed massage therapists to treat our guests in Tucson. You can book online now or give us a call to schedule a calming session with us.

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