Do You Suffer From Text Neck?


Technology makes everything in the world work. We spend so much time on our phones and computers for both work and personal use. People who type frequently often complain of strain in their hands and wrists from pounding away at the keyboard, but a new challenger has entered the ring. People who don’t even have computers can experience text neck – an uncomfortable issue that should be remedied and prevented from recurring. If your neck aches after you swipe through social media, Greentoes in Tucson might be able to help. 

What Is Text Neck?

The majority of people own smartphones, and approximately none of them make an effort to hold the phone at eye level. Using a phone that way feels counterintuitive, and it also limits privacy. When your body isn’t shielding your screen, the stranger behind you on the bus can clearly see your emails or your bank account balance. That’s why people have a tendency to slouch slightly and look down at their phones. 

The utilitarian purpose and convenience of this posture is much better for your phone than it is for your muscles. When the neck is bent, it places an extra burden on the spine and all the muscles that connect the head to the back. The spine attempts to overcompensate for the neck, leading to soreness and stiffness. All that time you spend looking down at your phone can be causing recurring pain. 

Most people with this injury will inadvertently worsen it. It’s almost impossible to get away from our screens – some of us need them for work. People with text neck will usually keep on texting, contributing to the strain and never giving the injury an appropriate amount of time to heal. 

How To Prevent Text Neck From Coming Back

Putting the phone down forever isn’t a viable option for most people. The best way to prevent text neck from recurring or worsening is to change your methods. If there are things you can also do with your computer, wait until you can sit down. Keeping a monitor or a laptop at eye level can help prevent strain on the neck and back.

For occasions where you need to use your phone, be mindful of the way you’re holding it and for how long you use it. Hold your phone as close to eye level as you reasonably can, and make positive alterations to your posture. Try to avoid the urge to get distracted and lose track of time – before you know it, you might have spent 45 minutes with your neck craned in an unhealthy position.

How Massage Can Help

Massage can remedy text neck and improve body mechanics to help prevent text neck in the future. Massage will reduce tension within the affected muscles, eliminate the stress hormones that rise when pain occurs, and help to correct the posture that leads to text neck. 

Massages for text neck will typically focus on the shoulders and back just as much as the neck, because the muscle groups are connected. Massage stimulates blood flow and improves drainage of muscle waste products. This helps swelling, soreness, and stiffness within the muscle. Wherever you feel like you have a “knot”, the muscle needs a little extra care. 

Muscle pain typically leads to an increased presence of stress hormones. Pain works against relaxation, and the body and mind find it difficult to find peace and get restful sleep. Since massage combats the presence of stress hormones and replaces those hormones with the ones that make us happy and relaxed, the benefits will follow you to your pillow and blanket. Getting comfortable and dozing off will be a breeze. 

Since massage makes muscles loose and limber while expanding their range of motion, it’s also easier to maintain better posture. Text neck happens most frequently in people who don’t practice the best posture, and it’s easier to make conscious posture corrections when all the necessary muscles are in great shape. 

Massage sets the foundation for healing and better practices. Text neck will come back after a massage if you resume slouching, craning your neck, or tilting your head too far to the side while you’re using your tech gadgets. While it’s a good idea to come back for an additional massage to keep the positive benefits coming, you don’t want to need a massage because you’ve aggravated an old injury. Be mindful the next time you take your phone out of your pocket – your neck will thank you. 

Getting Your First Text Neck Massage

Greentoes would love to help you curb the aches and pains from text neck. Our massage therapists will be able to identify and treat the source of your discomfort. You can book an appointment with us online or by phone. We invite you to find your calm with us. 

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