How Massage Therapy Can Help Tendonitis Inflammation


Over the years, massage therapy has proven to be an alternative to traditional pain relief methods. A massage can help people in Tucson suffering from tendonitis, help to relieve pain and ensure a speedy recovery. It isn’t uncommon for tendonitis to take several weeks to heal, but it is possible with the right massage technique, which is meant to relax and strengthen the tendon. This ensures that the sufferer will be on the path to a speedy recovery.

Understanding The True Cause Of Tendonitis

You can think of tendons as bands like strong connective tissue within a human being’s body. These connect the muscles to the bone. People start suffering from tendonitis when these connections, aka tendons, are inflamed or become irritated. Usually, the sufferer will feel it in their wrists, neck, Achilles, knees, and biceps.

Usually, this inflammation is caused by the overuse of the tendon. Take, for instance, a condition usually caused when the tennis player hits the ball repeatedly using their wrists, shoulders, and elbows. Overuse leads to strain on the tendons, which leads to tiny tears in them. However, there are other causes of tendonitis in the wrists, shoulders, and elbows.

In a nutshell, overuse causes the tendons to be strained until those tiny tears start forming repeatedly. A few other causes of tendonitis are improper living form, lifting too heavy when exercising and not allowing enough recovery between lifting sessions. It could also be caused by various anatomical issues like the build-up of calcium around the tendons or having an abnormal bone or joint.

Common Symptoms Of Tendonitis Are:

  • Pain
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Shorter than usual range of motion
  • Tenderness
  • Weak muscles
  • A grating sensation when the tendons move
  • Warm skin, especially around the affected area

How Do Massages Work To Manage Tendonitis?

Treating tendonitis in most cases will include icing, rest, and discontinuing any heavy lifting or repetitive movement which causes tenderness, in addition to taking anti-inflammation drugs.

Apart from these traditional treatments, massage therapy has become one of the most common and effective ways of treating tendonitis. The massages are so effective because they target the damaged tendon fibers and muscle tissue. This helps to loosen the muscles and boosts blood circulation, ensuring a healthy collagen supply to the affected area.

Anyone with chronic tendonitis knows that it affects their comfort and their quality of life. This can then become a source of depression and stress. Massage therapy not only eases the physical discomfort associated with tendonitis but also helps reduce emotional pain, helping to relax and calm the nervous system. This then stimulates the release of the so-called feel-good hormone. That said, there are varying types of massages, but there are some that are better than others for tendonitis.

A Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is one of the most effective ways of treating and managing pain caused by tendonitis. It is ideal for people experiencing tendonitis in their Achilles, commonly referred to as the heel. The massage mainly combines various forms of muscle manipulation, including stretching and stimulating the muscles. Tendonitis is addressed by applying some sustained pressure and a bit of friction, helping to improve the range of motion and eliminate pain.

Deep Transverse Friction Massage (DTFM)

This type of massage is delivered by an experienced and qualified massage therapist who uses back and forth motions quickly, with their fingers kneading the affected region. The technique helps with soft tissue treatment that repairs scarred tissue, restores mobility and eliminates abrasions.

Deep Tissue Massage

This may be one of the most effective massage styles for treating tendonitis. A deep tissue massage combines firm pressure with slow strokes, which helps to reach the deeper layers of the fascia, helping to treat chronic pain. The technique enhances blood circulation, breaking up scar tissue and reducing swelling.

Best Way To Find A Massage Therapist For Tendonitis

Anyone experiencing chronic tendonitis, or one that’s persistent, will benefit from some massage therapy. However, you must be cautious here and not book a massage within 48 hours of the injury, as this can exacerbate the condition.

It is also worth understanding that massage therapy needs to be used as a complementary form of treatment for traditional treatments of tendonitis. You will see the best results combined with a pain management program, some OTC pain relief medicine, rest, icing and massage therapy.

Finding a massage therapist that has experience with tendonitis may require some research on your part. You will want to find a qualified professional, someone with expertise in sports massage therapy or similar injuries. The therapist should be willing to discuss their treatment goals and have an ongoing treatment program to help strengthen your range of motion in the affected tendons and prevent further inflammation.

Tendonitis can often become a chronic condition for many people, making treatment imperative. A qualified massage therapist will often have the knowledge needed and know the techniques that are most effective in treating the condition. Plus, they will be able to develop a pain management program for your well-being and health.

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