Massage As A Preventative Therapy


We’re all guilty of waiting until we get a cold to take our vitamin C, even though we know that vitamin C can help us build strong and healthy immune systems. We too often wait until it’s too late to make meaningful changes to help us secure healthy futures, and many people do the same with massage therapy. If you’re currently experiencing chronic pain or you’ve recently developed an injury, getting a massage is an excellent idea. But it’s an even better idea if you start a course of massage therapy before either of those scenarios occur – it just may prevent them.

The Importance Of Preventative Treatments

Getting sick or injured is very expensive. That’s why so many employers offer wellness programs, discounted gym memberships, or assistance to quit smoking to their employees. They know that once someone becomes ill or injured, the path to recovery is far more difficult and costly to achieve. Preventative therapies and treatments keep minor things from escalating into major things, saving time, money, stress, and pain.

Preventative treatment is more than just green smoothies and going for a morning run. Both of those things are good for you, but they don’t necessarily impact all areas of the body. That’s where massage therapy as preventative care comes into play. By intervening before little issues become major issues, you can change the course of your health and live your life without uncomfortable disruptions.

How Does Massage Prevent Injury?

Many people make the mistake of writing off massage as nothing more than a luxurious pampering experience. While massage certainly does feel wonderful, it boasts a wide variety of medical applications that are just as good for you. It’s both healthy and satisfying – kind of like your favorite salad.

Massage helps to keep the muscles long and lean. It improves circulation, boosts the body’s ability to naturally heal itself, and increases the production of endorphins that ease the symptoms of pain and stress. Because all of these things occur in unison, massage will have a positive impact on both your physical and mental health. It’s a major tune up that affects the way all of your moving parts function together.

Think of a massage as maintenance for the machine of your body. A massage is similar to an oil change. Everything that has built up in your muscles, from lactic acid to waste byproducts, is completely flushed away. New blood, rich with oxygen, floods and refreshes the muscle. Tension is released, and the muscles can return to their full capacity. Flexibility is restored and muscular health improves, reducing the potential of injury or pain that might result from prolonged stiffness.

Massages can also work to boost the immune system and reduce stress levels. It goes without saying that stronger immune systems are better at keeping people healthy, reducing the impact of illness and the “run down” feeling we often get when we’re sick. Stress, a major contributor to muscle tension, is also lulled away by massage. In response to tissue stimulation, the body releases natural endorphins (dopamine and serotonin) that balance the mood, calm the mind, and improve quality of sleep.

Who Needs Massage As A Preventative Therapy?

Massage can work as a preventative therapy for many people. People with desk jobs who often experience stiffness or soreness from sitting and craning their necks all day almost always benefit from massage and a regular exercise routine. Massage is also beneficial for people who work jobs that are stressful on their bodies, as they’re more prone to injury. A construction worker would benefit from massage therapy just as much as a swamped secretary would.

When Is The Best Time To Get A Massage?

Massage will work to help the body recover from an injury as soon as the injury is discovered. Both preventative massage and massage targeted to treat a specific ache or pain are most effective when used regularly. One massage won’t keep your muscles in perfect shape for an entire year. Typically, massage appointments should be scheduled every few weeks to maintain an optimum level of wellness.

It helps to speak with your massage therapist about the frequency of your treatments. He or she will be able to provide you with the ideal scheduling after hearing your concerns and wellness goals. The two of you can work together to create a plan that will help you maintain.

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