Regular Massage Can Help You Build A Healthy Immune System In The Age Of Coronavirus


In Tucson, we’ve all come to develop a new understanding and appreciation for what it means to truly prioritize our health. Specifically, we’ve come to see the true value of immunity and the body’s ability to fight disease. While good hygiene, healthy diets, vaccines, regular visits to the doctor, and safe distancing practices all play crucial roles in the prevention of the spread of disease, fortifying your immune system is just as important.

With a stronger immune system, the body is better able to weather viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. Massage helps the body to best perform the functions it needs to stay healthy. Immune system maintenance is one of the body’s most important functions, and studies have shown that massage meets the mark in providing an immunity boost.

Regular Massage Comes With Many Health Benefits

Massage is regularly recommended by doctors for patients experiencing muscular pain or discomfort, whether the cause is a chronic condition or the temporary result of an injury. Massage is often utilized as a core component of physical therapy, or even a post-surgical recovery tool to improve healing times and reduce the potential for the accumulation of potentially problematic scar tissue.

Many patients continue with regular massage therapy appointments once they’ve come to appreciate and rely upon the long term benefits of their visits. Regular massage keeps muscles healthy by improving the body’s circulation. Massages help to flush away the body’s metabolic byproduct fluids, like lactic acid, that often accumulate in sore or overworked muscles.

Athletes (including casual gym goers or neighborhood runners) find that regular massage helps them to condition their bodies and enhance their ability to be active by reducing recovery time in between intense runs or lifting sessions.

Individuals with chronic conditions that cause recurring or constant long term pain, such as arthritis, regularly receive massage therapy as a complementary treatment. Massage therapy works in conjunction with the treatments prescribed by their doctors to reduce pain and inflammation, improving mobility and promoting total body relaxation.

Some people enjoy regular massage simply for the mental benefits. During a massage, the body produces a whole host of “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins act as natural pain relievers and relaxation boosters, soothing the body and mind to make restful sleep and true relaxation much easier feats to accomplish. Those who work in stressful professions or lead busy lives find that massage helps them take the edge off in a healthy way.

Will Massage Fight Off Illness?

Massage has been rigorously studied several times for its impact on the immune system. It has been documented that massage can successfully improve the body’s ability to rid itself of unwanted cells, like those that may be negatively impacted by disease. One prominent study used 20 men living with HIV as subjects, giving them five massages per week for a month. The outcome showed that, even in immunocompromised patients, massage showed an improvement in the body’s first line of immune defense.

Massage cannot cure or treat diseases that already exist within the body, but it can enhance the body’s own ability to combat things like germs at first exposure. When combined with other best practices for health management, regular massage can play a similar role to vitamin C immunity boosters. It works from the inside to prepare the body for the germs it will inevitably face, and increases the chances that the first line of defense will eliminate or significantly reduce the impact these germs can have on the body as a whole.

The Connection Between Stress And Immunity

Stress can significant suppress the immune system. Elevated levels of stress hormones like cortisol cause the body to misappropriate energy within its functions. This is why stress people are often tired, and sometimes gain a little bit of weight during times of increased strain. There are a lot of healthy ways to cope with stress, but gardening and journaling won’t do as much for the body as massage will.

During a massage, the body begins to rebalance itself. Since massage causes the release of endorphins that are more or less antithetical to stress hormones, the effects of stress are mitigated. This is why massages are just as relaxing for the mind as they are for the body.

At the same time, the body is encouraged to produce healthy new lymphatic cells as the old byproducts are flushed away from the muscle. These healthy new cells are better prepared to do their jobs by cleaning and maintaining the body’s new lymphatic system – the same system responsible for helping to fight off unwanted cells, like those impacted by the common cold.

How Often Do I Need Massages For My Immune System?

Experts recommend at least one massage a year, but most people will benefit from several annual massages. Speaking with a massage therapist about your needs can help you create a massage plan that will be tailored to your mind, body, and immune system. Our experienced massage therapists at Greentoes in Tucson are always here for you. If you’re looking to experience the immune boosting benefits of massage, you can book online or by phone. Find your calm with us.

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