How Massage Relieves Hip Pain

Hip Pain Massage

Hip pain is an unfortunate reality for many people in Tucson. Around 10% of adults suffer from hip pain at any given time, and it becomes more likely as you age. Of that 10%, some will go on to develop chronic pain or debilitating conditions such as osteoarthritis later in life – but don’t fret! If you’re one of the lucky ones whose hips are simply hurting due to being overworked during exercise, then a massage might do the trick. Here’s how it works:

The inflexible joints become less tight thanks to muscular tension release; this increases mobility and relieves aches from muscle spasms. Furthermore, it prevents future injury with neuromuscular stabilization techniques while promoting blood circulation so healing can take place faster than ever before! And if that wasn’t enough…all those pesky knots will disappear when you get deep tissue work done right before sitting down for dinner.

The Many Causes Of Hip Pain

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why we may experience hip pain – and this can have an impact on the level of pain we feel. The hips play a crucial role in our ability to move around; after all, they’re strong joints that are also among the largest in the body. They’re essential for making walking possible, too – but they’re also involved in sitting down and getting up again. And despite hips being built to withstand constant motion, that doesn’t make them injury-proof: when you overuse them (like any other joint), you risk injuring them. This is true whether or not you’re aging – sometimes it’s about how quickly we age! But for some people, their problems start with the hips.

A worn-out hip is usually one where the cartilage has worn down from repetitive movements like squatting. This could also cause injuries to the associated tendons and muscles. Additionally, car accidents can also damage the hip bone; the same goes for severe slip and fall injuries.

Often, the hip pain people complain of isn’t the result of an injury to the hip. Sometimes it is back injuries, as well as injuries to the groin like a hernia, that can essentially manifest as hip pain. The other common cause of hip pain is arthritis.

It is worth noting that hip pain will often increase with activity, especially if the cause is arthritis. Some people will also report feeling hip pain at night, primarily caused by sleeping on certain sides. Often it is sleeping on the side where the hip joint is weak or damaged.

The good news is that hip massage therapy can be immensely beneficial regardless of what is causing the pain. What type of massage treatment you receive will mainly depend on what kind of pain you are experiencing. You will want to perform a couple of low-impact exercises to maintain mobility in the affected joints. While this can certainly be a struggle because of the pain associated with the joints, it is worth it and, over time, will ensure that your movement isn’t drastically affected by the pain.

The right massage therapy can help decrease pain over time, which makes exercising the affected areas easier and will help speed up the healing process. Massages are known to trigger the release of certain chemicals, which speed up healing and help combat infection. Combating infection is one of the most important parts of recovering, especially from surgery.

The Various Types Of Hip Pain

Depending on what may have caused your hip pain, the symptoms you experience will vary. The pain could be in your thigh bone near the hip. The pain can also stem from various areas but manifest as hip pain:

  • Within the hip joint
  • Groin pain
  • Pain that radiates from the lower leg
  • Buttock pain
  • Pain that’s outside or around the hip flexors

It isn’t uncommon for most types of hip pain to be accompanied by varying degrees of inflammation around the hip area, in addition to the feeling of stiffness and decreased mobility. Many times, people will report that it is harder for them to move the joint or that the pain makes it nearly impossible to think of moving.

Most people may also take over-the-counter medication or prescription medication for pain relief. However, most medications only serve to dull the pain, and their effects are short-lived at best, not to mention that many adverse effects are associated with their use.

Unlike prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs, there are also no known adverse effects associated with a professional massage to relieve hip pain.

Regular massage therapy sessions for hip pain can ensure you feel lasting relief. A professional massage therapist can use various techniques to help the body release natural and pain-relieving neurochemicals. One of these chemicals is called serotonin, which leaves you feeling good. That’s why most patients feel better after a hip massage.

In addition, massage has been shown to reduce inflammation, including inflammation caused by arthritis, while increasing mobility. So, even if the pain or condition has reduced a person’s range of motion, things can start getting back to normal with regular massage sessions.

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