Using Massage For Headache And Migraine Relief


Headaches can be an awful thing to live through – especially when you don’t know when they’ll end. Some people complain of headaches that last for days and interfere with their ability to live their everyday lives. They find it hard to eat or even open their eyes.

If you live with headaches or migraines, you might feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun to make them stop. Massage may be the answer you’re looking for. Science supports massage therapy as an effective and valuable treatment for headaches. Best of all, it’s totally non-invasive and doesn’t come with any side effects.


Identifying The Causes Of Headaches

The first step in keeping headaches under control is to identify and eliminate their causes. It’s better to avoid a headache than it is to deal with one when it comes up. Many different things can cause headaches. Some people report something as simple as wearing their hair back in a tight ponytail can trigger a tension headache. Other people report sensitivity to strong smells or blue light, like the light emitted by TV’s, computers, and smartphones. Many people who suffer headaches cite stress or strong emotions as a trigger or a compounding factor.

If you experience aura before a migraine, take note of everything you did leading up to its onset. If your headaches instantly kick in, take those notes the moment you feel well enough to do so. If you notice enough common actions leading up to your headaches, you might want to try changing your behaviors or habits to avoid these triggers. The only good headache is one that is successfully avoided.

The Most Common Varieties Of Headaches

While headaches can come from a whole host of origins, the two most common kinds are vascular headaches and tension headaches. Tension headaches produce a dull, squeezing sensation. Some people describe the feeling as their skin being pulled too tight. These headaches are felt from the outside of the skull. Vascular headaches produce a throbbing sensation around the brain. These headaches are felt from the inside of the skull. Massage therapy can be used to address both types of headache.

What Massage Does To Relieve The Symptoms

Whether you’re experiencing a tension headache or a vascular headache, your muscles are still the culprit. Tense muscles lead to soreness and even circulation issues that may be causing the pounding sensation in your head. Improved blood flow and oxygen circulation come as a result of massaging or manipulating the muscles in specific areas of the body. This rush of oxygen rich blood flushes away waste products that may have build up in the body, leaving a clear path for the body to begin healing itself.

On top of these physical benefits, massage also offers emotional benefits. Massage therapy naturally lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol while producing natural mood boosting hormones. These “happy chemicals” that your brain releases will increase you happiness and simultaneously dull the pain you feel. Even if you find that massage is not completely effective in eliminating your headache, you’re bound to find that it significantly improves your headache by dulling down most of the symptoms.

Matching Massage Technique To Headache Type

Massage therapy can be performed directly on the head and neck for certain types of headaches. Oftentimes, muscle tension that contributes to headache relates to the neck, shoulders, and upper back. People with desk jobs often complain of headaches and upper back and neck pain from slouching or leaning frequently. Treating all affected muscles will eliminate symptoms and restore balance to the body, reducing the potential for future headaches by healing the muscles and encouraging better posture.

Managing Frequent Headaches Through Massage Therapy

While a single massage will deliver results you can immediately feel, the effects will wear off with time. In order to properly manage recurring headaches or migraines with massage therapy, you’ll need to consider regular maintenance. Maintenance massages will tend to issues like muscle tension or poor circulation before they lead to migraines.

After assessing your condition and establishing a massage method that will work for you, speak to your massage therapist about creating a long term plan. Some people may require more frequent massage to prevent migraines while others may be able to schedule appointments further apart. Getting a massage every few weeks will keep you feeling great – don’t wait until your next headache hits you to book another massage. Put out the fire before it starts.

Try A Massage For Your Headache

If you’d like to try massage therapy to relieve your headaches, Greentoes in Tucson is the perfect place to do it. Our calm, peaceful, and warm environment is designed for your comfort. We know that sounds, smells, and lights can affect people with headaches, and we’re happy to create the perfect calm for you.

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