Massage Offers Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief Without Surgery

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Many people in Tucson suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repetitive stress of using a computer every day. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that results from compression of the median nerve within a region called the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is a narrow road, located near the wrist, where eight tendons converge that make up the flexor muscles.

Some of the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel are a pain in the finger and wrist. Many people may even experience tingling and numbness, which will progress to a loss of fine motor movement and even weakness of the fingers. Carpal tunnel is the most common modern peripheral neuropathy because so many people are working on computers for an extended period. Usually, working on computers requires working for extended periods and performing repetitive hand movements like typing. However, there may be other professionals like factory workers or workers in the construction industry that may also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Even though official clinical practice guidelines as laid out by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons do not have any direct evidence supporting or against using massage therapy for treating carpal tunnel syndrome, emerging evidence suggests that it can be beneficial. However, just as effective may be related techniques for improving range of motion and reducing pain caused by the condition.

Massages can help to relieve pain and improve range of motion as well as grip strength. In many instances where people have reduced hand use, it can help to enhance that while addressing issues like numbness and tingling in the flexor tendons or surrounding median nerve by lowering compression.

Common Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most of the discomfort that sufferers feel is caused by the median nerve being pinched in the so-called tunnel. This can be caused by a fracture of the wrist, thyroid issues, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and even menopause. The symptoms are usually the same across all conditions that lead to it.

The most common areas where the symptoms are felt are on the thumb end of the palm, which is a feeling of pins and needles or a bit of numbness that extends through the thumb and into the three fingers. The affected hand is mostly the dominant one, which can make operating it awkward. Some may report flapping their hands to relieve discomfort, but the technique isn’t as effective if the symptoms worsen.

The Role Of Massage In Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

According to experts, wrist splinting and other similar treatments may be of more help. Conservative therapies will probably be the most effective for anyone who has experienced mild to moderate symptoms for about ten months.

Another viable option is surgery, but before that, physicians will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or corticosteroids.

However, natural treatments such as taking frequent breaks and applying a cold compress should help reduce inflammation or swelling in the area. A carpel tunnel massage has also proven to be effective in helping to relieve discomfort. Massages help relax the muscles and nearby tissues in the wrists while offering many other benefits.

Improving Posture With Massages

According to the Mayo Clinic, poor posture can often be the leading cause of shoulders rolling forward, shoulder muscles and shortening the neck. Usually, this will lead to compressed nerves in the neck, affecting the wrists, fingers and hands.

Massages have proven effective at relaxing and loosening the muscles that have been sore by bad posture, offering relaxation to the joints and relieving all the pressure points. Consequently, the body returns to a healthier, natural posture, which can be good for your future health as well.

A decrease in pain is one of the most apparent and initial results of a carpel tunnel massage. A study by the Touch Research Institute, in 2010, showed that massage therapy could help to improve grip strength.

The Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

The Touch Research Institute researchers also discovered that people with pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and other hand problems were found that they sleep better after a massage. Hot stone therapy proved highly effective since it helps to relax the muscles under the direct heat of stones; this allows the therapist to reach much deeper into the muscles.

The use of hot stones is highly effective at expanding the blood vessels, encouraging blood flow not just to the hands but the whole body. This helps to relieve chronic pain, which helps to reduce stress and offers more profound relaxation, providing better overall health.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy 

Trigger Points are tight bands within the muscles that can become tender to the touch and may transfer paint to various other body parts.

A few common trigger points that patients with carpel tunnel syndrome experience include:

One point is located four centimeters below the visible crease of the elbow at the top of the forearm, along the extensor digitorum muscles.

The other is located around four centimeters from the wrist crease in the direction of the elbow, the underside, or the middle of the forearm.

The third point is around two centimeters from the wrist’s crease, located towards the fingers across the transversal carpal ligament of the stem of the thumb and wrist muscles.

When massage is focused on these areas, it helps to relieve pain and not just at the trigger points. It can also help to improve the dexterity of the affected regions.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can often become a chronic condition for many people, making treatment necessary. A qualified massage therapist with experience will often have the knowledge needed and know the techniques that are most effective for treating the condition. They will also be able to develop a treatment program for your long-term well-being and health.

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