Your Guide To Male Manicures


Most men in Tucson know that they need to be doing something to keep up with the health of their hands and nails. Many of them don’t realize that what they need is a manicure. Most people have an idea of a manicure that involves long, glittery pink nails. They don’t realize that this is only one kind of manicure, and that a manicure at its roots is a much simpler process.

If you’re a guy who wants nicer looking hands, or if you’re trying to convince a man in your life that he would benefit from a manicure just for men, make sure he knows all the facts. When the basic steps are boiled down, it’s easy to realize that a manicure is a unisex experience that promotes good health and hygiene.

Why Should Men Get Manicures?

It seems to be the men who are most resistant to the idea of a manicure are the ones who need them most. Men who work with their hands building things, working on cars or machinery, or digging out in the dirt put their hands through a lot. Their hands are left tough, dirty, and sometimes at risk for infection around the nails or cuticles. For these men, a manicure is more like a very intense version of washing the hands and keeping them clean.

It All Starts With Cleaning Up The Hands

A manicurist will remove any dirt from underneath the fingernails and in the nailbed. Patches of dry skin have a tendency to hold onto stubborn dirt, even if you can’t see the dirt with the naked eye. A brush is used to thoroughly scrub every part of the hand where dirt may be hiding and bacteria may be breeding.

Short, Tidy, Comfortable Nails

The best way to prevent dirt and other debris from getting caught under the nails is to keep them as short as possible. Cutting the nails too short can be painful, exposing the quick and causing a throbbing sensation that will appear intermittently for days. The goal is to get the nails just short enough that the quick isn’t exposed.

Cutting the nails perfectly straight and filing all the edges will prevent snagging and ingrown nails. This is something most people can’t achieve perfectly at home – especially when they’re using their nondominant hand to cut or file the nails of their dominant hand. Since a professional can use both hands, they’ll have a stable grip and be able to work precisely to make the nails smooth and uniform.

Removing Hangnails And Dealing With Ingrown Fingernails

If you already have ingrown fingernails, one of the most important things you can do to prevent further ingrown nails is to fix what you have and stay on top of it. If your nail is only starting to become ingrown, your manicurist can help you a little bit. If your ingrown is severe, only a medical professional can fix the situation. When the ingrown is fully repaired, regular visits to a manicurist may prevent the same thing from happening again.

Manicurists also deal with hangnails and overgrown cuticles. Gentle little snips of excess skin and pushback of cuticle overgrowth will help to keep the skin on the nails healthy. You’d rather have hangnails removed by a professional than to accidentally rip them off at work, or worse, bite them off. Your mouth contains over 700 million bacteria, and biting back extra skin or hangnails can and will cause infection. Hangnails, cuticles, and excess skin are always best handled in a sterile environment by a trained professional equipped with the right tools.

Taking Care Of Tough Skin

People who are rough on their hands often develop calluses and dry patches. Many men just accept these things as hazards of the trade. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your calluses and dry skin removed to make it a little more pleasant to hold hands with the love of your life?

Manicurists can deeply exfoliate the skin and apply moisturizing treatments. This exfoliation and moisturization does have aesthetic benefits, but it also has health benefits. Your skin is meant to stay moist, and working with your hands or frequently washing them will remove the natural oils on the surface of your skin that help to retain moisture. Nourishing moisturizers feed dry skin the vitamins it needs to restore itself, keeping it vital and healthy.

What About Nail Polish?

Some men prefer to end their manicure with a protective clear coat of nail polish to prevent staining on their nails. This top coat can either be shiny or matte. Matte topcoats are generally less noticeable. This step is entirely optional and if it’s not for you, feel free to forgo it entirely.

Greentoes Provides an All-Inclusive Manicure Environment

At Greentoes in Tucson, we provide manicures for men all the time. We were founded by a husband and wife, and you’ll often find both of us getting manicures and pedicures together. If you want a cleaning and grooming experience to promote the health of your hands, come in and see us. We also offer relaxing day spa room for couples to enjoy mani-pedis together. Book one for your wife and enjoy the experience together. We’re positive you’ll both love it.

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