Managing Stress & Anxiety With Massage Therapy


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The world is fast paced and it always feels like there’s never enough time in a day. A lot of people feel overwhelmed or unable to handle everything life throws at them on a daily basis. Call it stress or call it anxiety.

swedish-massage-tucsonThankfully, we live in a society where the presence of stress and anxiety have less of a stigma – almost everyone will experience stress or anxiety occasionally, though some people are more susceptible to the negative effects than others.

Massage therapy at Greentoes may be able to reduce both the physical and mental effects of stress, thanks to its reparative, healing benefits. You might be an excellent candidate for massage therapy, especially if you’re looking for a natural route to help you feel your best.

The Things That Stress Us Out

In a perfect world, everyone would be eating correctly and getting a fair amount of exercise. Some of us just can’t find the time to shape everything else around a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to transition into one, since exercise is excellent for mental health and stress management. A proper diet keeps us energized and focused, so we can achieve our goals easier.

The main goal is to be able to make a transition into a lifestyle that allows us to manage the stress that manages to creep its way in. Many people cite their careers as a common source of constant stress, but careers are a necessary part of life. A lot of people also experience social stress among their friends and family. Sometimes, stressful events like major life changes pop up from time to time and shake things up.

Regular massages at Greentoes, or at least the occasional massage, may make it easier to work in the direction of positive change. This is because of the benefits that massage offers – namely in the forms of positive endorphins, muscular healing, and improved circulation.

How Massage Relieves Anxiety And Stress

People who are dealing with excess amounts of stress and anxiety will find that it negatively impacts their life in specific areas. Muscular aches, weakened immune systems and a lack of sleep are huge side effects that have the potential to be damaging to our overall health. These symptoms of stress are often caused or enhanced by the stress hormone cortisol, which needs to be properly combated.

A massage for relaxation can keep stress hormones at bay. People with stress and anxiety often feel tense. The special attention paid to aching muscles will not only solve pain in the short term, but improve the body’s ability to repair those muscles in the future. The stimulation to these muscles improves circulation, encouraging oxygen rich blood to flow through those muscles. The end result is improved flexibility and less muscular tension.

This improved circulation does more than reduce muscular tension. Research shows that the long-term benefits of massage include lower blood pressure. High blood pressure makes us feel anxious. It can even lead to severe headaches. High blood pressure can lead to the kinds of cardiac problems that affect people with stress. Keeping your blood pressure low is vital to living a safe and healthy life.

Massage also encourages the production of serotonin, which is the body’s “feel good” hormone. Serotonin improves mood and relieves pain. This can lead to less discomfort and it also makes it easier to go to sleep at night. Improving your quality of sleep is important – adding sleep deprivation to stress will only cause you to burn out.

What To Expect During A Stress Relieving Massage

Stress relieving massages are a little different from other types of massages. Deep tissue massages or chronic injury massages can also be relaxing, but no particular injury or muscular concern is necessary for a massage that’s specifically to achieve relaxation.

Typically, a relaxation massage involves light pressure and slow movements. Unless there is a particular muscle that needs some extra attention in order to recover, gentle stimulation to all the muscles is the main goal. It’s important to focus on calming breaths – deep, slow, completely filling breaths through the nose that are slowly and entirely exhaled. The breathing technique is easy and it’s similar to common breathing techniques used in meditation.

Let Us Show You

If your stress and anxiety are getting to you, let us help. Here at Greentoes in the heart of Tucson, we’ve worked hard to create an ideal environment for relaxation. We want to provide you with the same treatment we’d love our friends and family to have. Everyone deserves to be able to manage their stress and enjoy their lives, and through our massage therapy services, we can help you.

You can book with us online right now if you want to schedule your first relaxation massage. You’re just a few clicks away from blissful relief![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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