How Often Should You Get A Facial?


Nothing really beats that fresh facial feeling. The soft feel after your skin has been expertly massaged, cleansed, and treated makes you want to look in the mirror, feel your face, and set your next appointment.

That begs the question, how often should you get a facial? After all, one can tell when it is time for a new haircut. But a facial is not as easy.

Skin Regeneration

We can look at skin regeneration as a guide. New skin cells reach the surface about every 28 days. You see, new skin cells are created in the deepest of the four layers of skin called the basal layer.

Those skin cells divide, with half staying and the other half making their way through the other layers of the skin, changing their appearance and shape.

By the time they reach the upper layer, the cells have lost their nucleus. They are dead and shed off as part of the constant renewal process of the skin.

So given that it takes about a month for new cells to be created and rise to the surface if you have a facial too often you are risking aggravating the skin. You need to find that middle ground to maximize the effectiveness of the facial.

Facial Treatment Recovery

Remember in a sense, the skin is healing from your last facial. And it does it in stages. A day after a facial treatment, you may notice that your skin is still pink. After day two or three, the skin will still be purging impurities.

After five or seven days, your skin may possibly still be recovering from the different types of extraction methods.

All of this while the skin is waiting on the new cells to reach the surface. Now knowing this, the answer is. It depends.

If it is just a regular facial, you might want to do it every four to six weeks. But with specialty facials, that timeline could change.

Different Skin Conditions Require Different Facials

A facial meant to deal with hyperpigmentation may be used to treat areas affected by injury and skin inflammation, dark spots, and something called melasma (a condition that can appear on women who are taking birth control pills or pregnant). Usually, these facial treatments are weekly for about four or five weeks, but that can vary depending on skin sensitivity.

If you are doing an acne facial, you are probably doing a light peel twice a week for four to eight weeks. On top of that, you are probably doing extractions to remove blackheads and whiteheads on the skin. Once the treatment is completed, then you will have your skin reassessed and then go to monthly visits.

In the end, for a regular facial, about four to six weeks. And the others, it depends on what you are doing. At Greentoes, we can help you choose the facial you need and help you stay on top of it, so you do what is best for your skin.

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