Greentoes Wins Best Nail Salon In Tucson Again In 2020

Every year, the Arizona Daily Star asks the community to vote on a definitive “best of” list for local products, services, and restaurants. This list splits Tucson’s businesses into hundreds of categories. The top three are recognized for their contributions to the community and the satisfaction of their customers and employees.

Greentoes is often nominated for Best Nail Salon. It has always been an honor to be considered among the best of the dozens of wonderful nail salons in Tucson. In recent years, we’ve started receiving the top spot for recognition. Readers’ Choice voters have again chosen Greentoes as the best nail salon in Tucson.

The Readers’ Choice Awards

Nothing is more valuable than word of mouth recommendations. When you’re looking to buy a product or service or have a delicious meal, you’re more likely to prioritize local businesses that your friends and family have had a wonderful experience with. The Readers’ Choice Awards allow Tucson to act as one big group of friends and family, personally recommending their favorite spots to the entire community.

Tucson is a tight-knit community. People work together and share with each other every day. We understand how important these recommendations are for our continued success. That’s why we do our best to make every guest’s experience the best it can possibly be. Our guests deserve a few quiet moments of rest, relaxation, and pampering. We want them to tell their friends and family what a great experience we provided so that those closest to them can visit us for a calm moment of their very own.

One Of Three Finalists For Best Local Personal Service Business

In addition to winning Best Nail Salon in Tucson, we were also one of only three finalists this year in the entire city of Tucson for best local personal service business this year. We were very thankful to be recognized as one of the businesses in Tucson to be in this very rare company.

The Small Business Community In Tucson

Tucson is a haven of independent entrepreneurs looking to add their personal visions to the marketplace. Tucson is consistently recognized for being home to some of the best independent eateries in all of Arizona – especially for the unique twists on authentic Mexican cuisine you’ll only find this close to the border.

Tucson is the perfect place for families to set their roots. Mom and Pop open family businesses that their children will someday take over, carrying on the tradition and fueling the independence of Tucson. We love our little “hole in the wall” places. We love our warm, comfortable, favorite little hideaways that knock their services out of the park every time.

We’re proud to have won Best Nail Salon, but we’re even more proud to serve alongside every independent business or small venture that lifts up the entire community. We’re happy to live and work with every business that has been recognized for making the lives of Tucsonans just a little bit brighter.

The Growth Of Greentoes

Greentoes began as a simple mani-pedi studio and day spa on North 6th avenue in Tucson. We’re blessed that we gained traction within the community rather quickly. Within a few short years, our building required expansion to house more visitors and provide more of the services they desired. A few years after that, it became clear that the demand for Greentoes services was too great to house in a single building. We opened our second location in North Tucson to help us serve more Tucsonans and become easily accessible to those who would have otherwise made a longer commute to visit us.

Everyday, we try to set aside a moment express gratitude for the growth and continued success of Greentoes. Without the support of our community, we would not be thriving. We would not be able to reach Tucsonans and provide the memorable pampering experiences that they deserve. The community provides just as much for Greentoes as Greentoes does for the community. We’re all in this together, and we could not possibly imagine a better community to share our success with.

The Greentoes Vision

From the beginning, Greentoes set out to be different from the rest of the manicure and pedicure spas in Tucson. Our philosophy is what sets us apart. We believe in being kind to our bodies and kind to our planet. That’s why we exclusively use the highest quality organic and natural products at both of our Greentoes locations.

Everything from our nail lacquers to our moisturizers is free from unnecessary chemicals, vegan friendly, and derived from sustainable sources. We don’t believe there’s a reason to generate waste or use potentially harmful ingredients in the products we use when the natural alternatives provide the same beautiful results.

We believe a lot of the success we’ve achieved stems from the fact that many Tucsonans share this philosophy of kindness to the environment and kindness to themselves.

Find Your Calm With Greentoes Nail Salon

We would love to show you why so many Tucsonans enjoy their experience at Greentoes and Greentoes North. We offer a whole host of manicure, pedicure, waxing, massage, body scrubs and skincare services at both of our day spas. You can book an appointment online or by phone whenever you’re ready to find your calm with us.

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