Greentoes Wins Three Awards From Tucson Weekly


At Greentoes in Tucson, we love to hear that the community is happy with what we have to offer. We love knowing that the services we provide are valuable to the people of Tucson. That they enjoy their experience with us. That they recommend us to their family and friends.

Tucson Weekly’s, Best of Tucson provides a platform to give everyone a voice. The community can come together as a whole and share their experiences with local small businesses like ours. They vote for their favorites, and the list is published for everyone to see. There’s no stronger recommendation than that.

This year, Greentoes won for one category and was recognized in the top 3 for two others. This tells us that all of the services we provide are worthy of Tucson, and we couldn’t possibly be more grateful for the recognition.

We Were Awarded Best Nail Salon

This is far from the first time that Greentoes has been recognized as the best nail salon in Tucson, but it’s never any less humbling to win. We’ve built a strong and unique philosophy for our nail services, and we’re glad that it appeals to so many Tucsonans.

Greentoes has always strived to be different. We exclusively utilize cruelty free vegan nail products and as many organic ingredients as possible. It’s always been important to use eco-friendly and safer nail products, we know we aren’t harming the planet we share or the animals that live on it when we order beautiful new lacquers for our guests to enjoy.

We Were Recognized For Best Day Spa

Although Greentoes is primarily recognized as the best place for nail services, we strive to provide so much more than that. We’re a full service day spa, and we were recognized as number 2 for all of Tucson.

It’s our goal to provide everything our clients could possibly need to feel relaxed and pampered, all under one roof. This includes manicures and pedicures, but it also includes treatments such as waxing, facials, dermaplaning, massage, and body scrubs.

We want to encourage our guests to make a full relaxation day out of their visit. We can gently usher them from one relaxing service right to another, filling up the space between breakfast and lunch with a few much needed peaceful hours for quiet relaxation and positive vibes.

Leave with radiant skin, healthy nails, and a boosted mood. Love the way you look and feel, and get a good night’s rest. You deserve to treat yourself to a spa day, and we’d love to provide it for you.

We Ranked For Best Place To Get A Massage

Greentoes was recognized as the third favorite place to get a massage in Tucson. We pride ourselves on the care we provide to people who come to us seeking pain relief and relaxation from massage. Each one of our certified massage therapists brings something special to the table. We’re able to offer a wide variety of massage styles, from Swedish to deep tissue to prenatal, hot stone massage, to sports massage. We can provide the people in our community with everything they need to feel better, move better, and sleep better.

We’re big believers in massage as a complementary therapy. We’ve seen the way that massage can benefit people living with anxiety, insomnia, and depression. We’ve seen massage help people heal and find pain relief without the use of opioid painkillers. Using massage as a crucial component of an overall wellness plan is just good sense, and our philosophy has always been that natural is better.

We’re Eternally Thankful To Tucson

We work hard every day so you can relax. We’ve always dreamed (yes, literally dreamed) about creating a space where people could truly find their calm. We wanted to provide the community with every service they needed to do just that.

Part of finding your calm is feeling confident. The kind of confidence that comes from acts of self care and self love. True relaxation and high quality “me” time aren’t a luxury – they’re a necessity. We all live such busy lives that we often forget that investing in ourselves, whether that be with time, money, or both, is just as important as directing our time and energy outward. Treat yourself like someone you love.

Let Us Show You

We’d be happy to provide the same experience for you that we’ve provided for thousands of other Tucsonans. We don’t just want you to take their word for it. Whenever you need a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, waxing, or a massage, or body scrub, Greentoes is here to make the experience perfect for you. You can book an appointment with us online now or by phone when you’re ready to find your calm.

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