Greentoes Wins Tucson Best Of The Northwest Award

Best Northwest Tucson Arizona

We’re flattered by the recognition we’ve received over the years for the services we provide in our community. Since Greentoes opened our doors at our first location, we’ve received numerous nominations and awards based on votes from people who have visited us and enjoyed their experience. This year, Greentoes is eternally grateful to have been awarded Best Nail Salon in Tucson’s Best of the Northwest.

We’ve Been Nominated Before – And This Is Our First Win!

In the past, Greentoes has placed within the top 3 reader selections for both Best Nail Salon and Best Massage Therapy. Every year, readers of Marana News, Foothills News and The Explorer are asked to nominate their favorite location for particular products and services across Tucson. We’ve been recognized in both categories that we serve. Placing in the top three last year was an honor, (given the fact that our North Tucson location was only open for six months prior to voting) but winning the award this year has humbled us to our core.

There are many dozens of mani pedi spas in Tucson. We’re one of many who serve the area. It is a privilege to have so many Tucsonans pledge loyalty to Greentoes. We’ve been fortunate enough to watch our business grow with the support of our community, even as far as making an opportunity available to open the doors on our second location in North Tucson. We hope to continue growing to accommodate the needs of Tucsonans, as it is our pleasure to provide them with the best possible experience a mani pedi spa can offer.

We Love Our Tucson Community

We wanted to provide our community with an experience that was new and different from the traditional mani pedi spa. While there are plenty of wonderful places in Tucson to get a manicure, there weren’t many with a focus on the environment. At a time where many people are attempting to be more mindful of the products they use and the impact they may have, we felt that this was an important need to meet.

Our interest was always in providing an eco-friendly approach to the timeless ritual of pampering, from manicures to facials to massage. We feel that Tucson deserves the best, and it has always been our mission to provide it.

The Greentoes Approach

Founder Christina Rossetti Thompson is a native Tucsonan, spending two decades as a teacher before coming to the realization that Greentoes was exactly what she (and others in Tucson) needed in her life. The world moves faster now than ever, and many people fail to take the time to give themselves the care and relaxation they deserve. Christina had a dream about opening a place exactly like Greentoes, down to the smallest details. Her philosophy was that everyone needed to slow down a little bit and “find their calm”, and Greentoes would be the perfect environment in which to center themselves.

Christina began to offer products to use on her customers, holding her suppliers to the highest standards. She would never use anything at Greentoes that she wouldn’t personally recommend to her own friends and family. The focus was always on products that were kind to the environment, including the animals and people who share them. Greentoes utilizes vegan products with as many active plant-based ingredients as possible, allowing the spa to cater to the needs of everyone.

Our nail lacquers are free from chemicals that many environmentally conscious and health conscious consumers make an effort to avoid. Our facial products use proven botanicals and naturally derived ingredients to infuse the skin with moisture and nourishment, without any artificial additives. We want everyone to be comfortable with the quality of the products we use and the ingredients they all contain.

We Invite You To Experience Greentoes

Greentoes is proud to offer a wide array of services that make our customers look and feel their best. Our environment is designed to calm the mind and body, promoting relaxation while providing the ultimate pampering experience. To book a facial, body treatment, waxing, massage, manicure, pedicure, or any other service we provide, you can call or book an appointment on our website. We look forward to showing you the same experience we’ve showed the many Tucsonans who have chosen to find their calm with us.

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