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Greentoes was featured in the News Brief in Natural Awakenings Magazine, Special Edition, Green Living, April 2013 issue.

The pace of every day life these days leaves many people stressed, depressed and unsettled, which makes Greentoes Eco Chic Mani Pedi Studio a gem amid the hustle and bustle of that every day life. Greeentoes offers manicures, pedicures, massage, facials and waxing, pampering clients with exquisite services without exposure to harmful toxins in the process. It’s a place to step out of the noise into the calm.

Greentoes is enhanced by a thoughtful organic and vegan product selection, SpaRitual and Eminence branded products, Planet Flops and mindful service. Greentoes is a must for pregnant women, allergy sufferers, health conscious consumers, bridal parties, or just those in need of a relaxing, soothing service. Gift Certificates are available.

About What We Do

We know how many people feel the stresses and pressures of the world to an intense degree. Everything moves so fast these days that no one has an opportunity to slow down. It’s our inability to step back and breathe that makes moving forward so difficult. It’s hard to be the best possible version of yourself if you never have a second to pause and reflect on the things you’ve learned. There’s no time to be grateful for all the wonderful things we have if we’ve so concerned with rushing towards the future.

Greentoes helps people look good with our manicures and pedicures, but there’s so much more to “good” than what’s on the outside. Our environment is designed to be just as good for the soul as it is for the exterior appearance. Feeling good on the inside is equally as important as feeling good on the outside.

We created Greentoes to be a place where people can live in the moment. The goal was always to help people find their calm with us. The environment we created was designed to give everyone the peace and relaxation they needed to recharge. It’s these small moments that fuel big passions. Growth comes from the little lulls where we all unwind, and we wanted Tucson to see just how important those moments are.

Everyone finds their calm in different ways. Some people enjoy the relaxing sensation of a luxurious pedicure that leaves their feet feeling clean and healthy. Other people find their calm in the form of a long deep tissue massage that works away the aches and pains of the day. No matter how you prefer to find your calm, Greentoes is here for you. We want you to enjoy the calm that you deserve.

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