Greentoes Awarded Reader’s Favorite For Both Best Nail Salon And Best Massage/Spa Center


The results are in, and we’re eternally grateful. We’re honored to have received two awards from the Arizona Daily Star and Greentoes was recognized as Tucson’s best nail salon, as well as Tucson’s best massage and spa center. We’ve placed our whole hearts into everything we’ve built, and we’re moved by how fortunate we’ve become. The members of our community who have helped to hold us up make everything we’ve worked for possible, and we feel the love from the Tucsonans who spend time at our two locations. 

It’s twice as humbling that we’ve won a reader’s favorite award before. In 2018, we’ve managed to win in two categories. We’ve always aspired to keep our business moving in the right direction, and our drive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients has paid off in spades. These awards show us that we’ve built what the people of Tucson want, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to provide it for them. 

Starting Greentoes

We started Greentoes with high hopes, but we never could have expected that things would become so blissful. Our Founder, Christina Rosetti Thompson, had a dream that she and her husband should open an eco-friendly salon and spa. That dream became a plan, that plan went into action, and those actions built our first location. Seven years after that dream, we were fortunate enough to have the ability to open a second location in North Tucson

Through facials, dermaplaning, waxing, massages, and nail services, we’ve been able to help the people of Tucson look and feel their very best. Self care and self love are of vital importance to our well-being. The ability to find your calm and do something to lift your spirit can change your mindset for the better. We’ve always wanted to provide the perfect backdrop and the best possible services to help people feel uplifted. 

Commitment To Quality

One of the most unique aspects of Greentoes is the products we use. We care about people and the planet – there’s only one earth for all of us to share. We’ve searched high and low to provide the best eco-friendly products for everything from our nail lacquers to our facial peels. Greentoes has sourced as many vegan and organic products as possible. We believe that sustainable products help the planet, and natural products help the body. 

Greentoes has worked hard to compose a menu of services that will meet the needs of anyone who pays us a visit. We’ve thrilled to be able to provide manicures, massages, dermaplaning, and waxing all under one roof. Offering so much allows our visitors to create a whole day of pampering and care, and we’re living in an age where everyone deserves that experience. 

You can book an appointment with us online or by phone. Let Greentoes help you find the calm you deserve. We’d love to show your our philosophy at work. 

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