Greentoes Acquires Lotus Massage and Wellness Center

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TUCSON, ARIZONA – Eco chic manicure and pedicure studio and day spa Greentoes has acquired Lotus Massage and Wellness Center.

Clients of Lotus Massage and Wellness Center will be redirected to Greentoes’ Central location at 529 N 6th Avenue in Tucson, conveniently located approximately three miles from the campus of Lotus Massage. Or, clients can visit Greentoes’ North location at 615 W Roller Coaster Road off Oracle Rd.

About Greentoes Tucson

Greentoes, founded by Christina Rossetti Thompson and husband Victor Thompson in 2012, is an eco-friendly manicure and pedicure day spa offering massage, skincare, waxing, and body treatments. Greentoes is highly acclaimed for the services they provide, frequently receiving recognition in the form of Reader’s Choice Awards for their outstanding level of customer satisfaction among their Tucson clients. The company expanded in 2018, opening a second location in North Tucson at 615 W Roller Coaster Road.

Their core values have always been at the forefront of their philosophy. Greentoes exclusively utilizes environmentally friendly and vegan products for their manicures, pedicures, facial treatments, and body treatments.

About Lotus Massage and Wellness

Opened in 2007 Lotus Massage began with two part-time massage therapists. By 2020, it had 10 employees including LMTs and Wellness. Now merged with Greentoes, Lotus Massage is a massage studio focusing primarily on therapeutic massage as a method of wellness, health maintenance, and injury recovery. Their Grant Rd. location is no longer taking appointments, instead asking that clients visit their nearest Greentoes location.

What This Acquisition Means for Clients of Lotus Massage and Wellness

This acquisition should have a largely positive impact on former clients of Lotus Massage and Wellness Center.

The largest alteration of the experience comes in the wealth of additional services that Greentoes Tucson provides in their studios for clientele. Lotus Massage and Wellness specialized exclusively in massage, whereas Greentoes’ offerings extend beyond because they are as a full-service day spa.

Former Lotus clients will have ease of access to services they would previously be required to book through a different provider. Greentoes provides manicures, pedicures, dermaplaning, facials, body treatments, and waxing under the same roof as massage treatments. This should provide a greater level of convenience to former Lotus Massage and Wellness Center clients who previously sought those services elsewhere.

Introducing Lotus Massage and Wellness Center Clients to the Greentoes Philosophy

Greentoes aims to be one of the most unique day spas in Tucson. Their philosophy is rooted in using as many natural and organic products as possible. All nail lacquers used at Greentoes are free from common chemicals and preservatives that many consumers are looking to limit their exposure to. All skincare products are organic, vegan, and naturally derived. Their carefully curated product selection is designed to be user friendly for any client, no matter what preferences or restrictions they adhere to.

Services are provided in an environment designed to promote the ultimate calm. Relaxation, self-care, and respect for the planet are deeply embedded within Greentoes’ methods. They offer private manicure and pedicure rooms for couples or friends who wish to relax together. The company aims to avoid creating busy or loud service areas, instead devoting specialized attention to create the most peaceful guest experience possible.

Many clients being guided to Greentoes from Lotus Massage and Wellness Center are likely to find that the calm environment and specialized attention they are used to receiving will remain the same. Clients may also see familiar faces that they were accustom to at Lotus, now at Greentoes. This makes the transition unlikely to require much of an adjustment or any lapse of service for clients who enjoyed their routine with Lotus Massage and Wellness Center.

Greentoes is currently accepting appointments for Lotus Massage and Wellness Center’s clients. Greentoes looks forward to delivering the highest standard of therapeutic massage for their clients for many years to come.


A Note From Laura

Dear friends of Lotus Center,

I’m pleased to share exciting news! Lotus Center has been acquired by Greentoes!

In 2007 I opened this place with two very part-time massage therapists. By 2020, I had 10 employees including LMTs and other staff. It has been a profound life experience to “create something from nothing” in this way. Owning a business is an amazing ride packed with personal and professional growth. Thank you! It has been a joy to serve you and every other client. But a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I set a goal of retiring in 2020.

Victor Thompson, owner of Greentoes, has been an amicable professional contact since 2012. He is a person of integrity and high standards who cares about his employees, clients, and the planet. Both our businesses were envisioned as environmentally responsible from the start, making this a natural union.

Lotus Center will not reopen on Grant Road; but I anticipate your visiting Greentoes, experiencing the same high quality of service, and even seeing familiar faces!

With gratitude,



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