Your Guide To French Manicures


French manicures in Tucson are a tried and true favorite. Even people who don’t ordinarily get their nails done are known to enjoy a classic French manicure for special occasions. If you’re new to manicures or you’re looking to step away from bright colors and busy embellishments, a French manicure might be exactly what you’re looking for.

French Manicures Were Born In Retro Hollywood

A manicure can go a number of different ways, just like a hair style. Actresses and models are limited in what kind of commitments they can make with hair colors and cuts. Similarly, they’re limited in what they can do with their nails. Most people use their manicures to express an aspect of their personality, but actresses are often living as someone else’s personality. The challenge was to achieve a manicure that would be suited to every actress in every role.

Enter Jeff Pink. In 1975, the founder of ORLY was tasked with creating a nail look versatile enough to become a Hollywood grooming standard. Pink created what he then called “the natural nail look”. The nude pink base of the nail contrasted with the bright white tip was merely an improvement upon the way natural nails looked when they grew out. They were cleaner, brighter, and more refined. They commanded just enough attention without making the same statement that bold hues would.

Pink took the look around the world with him. He brought it to runways in Paris where it was a smashing success, eventually leading to the shorter and more iconic moniker “the French Manicure.”

Why Get A French Manicure?

There are several reasons to get a French manicure outside of the fact that it’s a beautiful way to style your nails. The first is that French manicures require little maintenance. If the nail gets scuffed up a little or grows out a bit between visits, the imperfections are less noticeable. The colors are natural enough to where small chips, spots where polish has worn away, or new nail growth won’t be inherently obvious. French manicures are one of the lowest maintenance manicure options.

The second reason is that French manicures will match absolutely everything. If you need to go from the office to a wedding, or from a costume party and back to your job as a medical professional, your nails will be appropriate at every occasion. French manicures are merely an improvement on properly groomed natural nails, making them beloved by professionals or people with enjoy more conversative taste.

What Happens During A French Manicure?

A French manicure can be applied to your nails with or without tips. If you’re not keen on the idea of extending your nails, you don’t have to. You only need natural nails that have grown out a little bit. The nails will be prepped with a base coat and the neutral color you’re using, such as a soft pink or tan shade. The white will be striped on at the end, before the topcoat is applied.

If you choose to have a nail strengthening treatment prior to your French manicure, you’re less likely to experience broken nails. Strengthening treatments fortify the nails with vitamins and minerals that promote healthy nail growth. If your nails sometimes peel or break, a strengthening treatment is the best natural way to restore your nails to their full potential.

Should I Get Polish Or Gel For My French Manicure?

Both lacquer and gel polish will leave you with beautiful results. If you like the idea of natural polish that can be easily removed whenever you decide to change your look, opt for the lacquer nails. Even if that’s ordinarily your preference, you still might want to consider using gel for a French manicure.

Since French manicures are beautiful and neutral, you may not be in a hurry to switch them up. They’re versatile enough for any event. Some people get French manicures exclusively, and they don’t have any desire to change things up. If you’re in love with the style and committed to it, gel polish may be the way to go.

Gel will last up to three weeks without needing a touch up, and perhaps a little longer with a French manicure since new growth won’t be very noticeable. Gentle gel polishes often contain nourishing vitamins and minerals to protect your nails and can be removed without causing any damage. They’re perfectly safe, perfectly effective, and perfectly beautiful.

Ready To Book Your French Manicure?

You simply can’t go wrong with a French manicure – especially when you get one at Greentoes in Tucson. Our nail technicians work to create a relaxing, pampering environment for all of our guests. We exclusively use cruelty free vegan nail products formulated without unnecessary chemicals. We offer immersive, pampering manicure experiences with moisture treatments and massage. We encourage you to treat yourself and find your calm with us.

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