What To Expect The First Time You Get A Facial


Many people in Tucson seek out the services of an esthetician or skincare expert to see how they can bring out the best of their skin.

If your beauty-savvy friends rant about the glitz and glamour of facials, you may want to learn more about how they can benefit you. This article will discuss what facials are, the benefits of facials, the potential side effects of facials, and other important information about getting the best facial for your personal needs.

What Is A Facial?

A facial is an effective and popular skincare treatment done by many people in Tucson. This skin treatment takes about an hour to perform. A facial can make your skin radiant, leaving you looking younger when finished.

People who want to take care of their skin should regularly tone, cleanse, and moisturize. When facials are added to your skincare routine and are done by experienced skincare professionals, they can make your skin glow!

Benefits Of Getting A Facial

Reduces Stress

A facial treatment can be a good solution to reduce stress. According to the Journal of Biomedical Research, it can activate your nervous system and make you feel better. Your face comes with many pressure points which when massaged can make you feel better.

Reduces Aging

While no one can stop aging, looking good as we grow older is something many people desire. Since our skin wrinkles and thins as we age, using the best skincare treatment, facials included, makes your skin look better thereby slowing down the visible aging process. When you frequently get facials, it even boosts cell regulation and enhances collagen development.

Cleans Your Skin

When you get your facials done by experts, they will clean your skin, leaving it shiny and radiant. However, it’s important to go to experts who are experienced in treating different skin types.

Improves Blood Circulation

Since facials entail massaging the body and skin, this can help improve blood circulation. Getting a regular facial can help transport nutrients and oxygen easily.

Helps Detoxify Skin

Skin detox-like facials help clean and wash your skin. This is done with the help of antioxidant-rich cream and herbal oils and extracts.

How To Prepare For Your First Facial

Since facials offer many benefits for your face and skin, asking the right questions can be important. Here’s how to prepare for your first facial.

Understand Your Skin And Its Unique Problems

The first thing you need to do to prepare for your facial is to know your skin and where you need the experts to pay attention to. You may want to understand what your skin type is and the treatment that you want before going to the esthetician. But a good esthetician can consult with you to help you create an effective solution.

Avoid Scrubbing Your Face

You should try to avoid exfoliators and cleansers before getting a facial treatment. Since you are visiting an experienced spa esthetician, avoid overdoing what will be done at the spa.

Don’t Use Products You Aren’t Familiar With

Before you go for your first facial, avoid trying new creams or face skincare products. Only use tested and trusted ones you are familiar with. This is important because many new products can cause reactions.

Try Avoiding The Sun

Avoid tanning or excessive sun at least a week before visiting the spa. Sun can damage your skin. It is also important to always keep your face hydrated before visiting.

Get Rid Of Your Makeup

Don’t put on makeup. You want a face that is natural and clean for better results. Makeup prevents the facial treatment from achieving the desired results.

What To Expect During Your First Facial 

Most facials start with seeing an esthetician who knows the right product for your skin. Here is what to expect from your first facial treatment.


The first step when getting a facial is skin cleansing. The esthetician will massage a cleanser on your skin. They may use is a facial sponge or a cotton pad which makes your skin smoother.


This is done by buffing away all dead skin cells using an exfoliating scrub or cream.


This helps remove clogged pores with dead skin cells, which may contribute to acne and blackheads. Estheticians may simply use their hands or special skincare tools.


Another interesting step during facials is the massaging of the face. Many facials require a massage of the face and other close body parts. This is necessary to help lymphatic drainage in the body.


Once the above steps have been completed, a facial mask will be applied to your face.

Potential Side Effects Of Facials

While facials have numerous benefits, they may come with some adverse side effects. Here are some things to potentially be aware of.

Redness And Irritation 

The most apparent side effect is a blotchy face. This might be because of the pressure from the exfoliation process.


These are bacteria that can affect your skin during a facial treatment. This may be caused by unsterilized instruments.

Aftercare Of Facials

After treating your face, it is crucial to avoid not touching it. You should allow the product applied during facials to work its way into the skin, for proper healing.

It’s important to treat your face regularly. Facials are an excellent choice to keep your skin glowing and healthy. They come with many benefits like blood circulation, shiny skin, and reduced aging.

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