Do Teens Need Facials? 5 Reasons Why They’re a Great Idea


You’ve probably heard your teen ask you for a million ridiculous things. No, his first car will not be a Ferrari. No, she is not responsible enough to take care of a pet sloth. And they are absolutely in no way, shape, or form old enough to go to Europe alone.

If your teen is asking for a facial in Tucson, don’t be so quick to shut them down. Many parents in Tucson might write this off in the same way they would if their teen asked for any luxury experience, but a facial is different. Yes, it is a form of pampering. But it also addresses important health needs that might even be more important for teenagers than adults with healthy skin.

To Manage Acne

The skin is the body’s largest organ and it performs an incredibly important function – to protect the internal components of the body. It’s sensitive to the sun, it’s prone to infection when punctured, and it’s subject to adverse reactions with hormonal changes. Most teens will experience a sunburn or a skinned knee, just like they’ll experience acne.

Acne is an inflammatory condition of the skin. You shouldn’t just wait for it to go away, because without proper intervention, it can cause damage to the skin that will last a lifetime. Enlarged pores and skin damage left behind from cystic acne may never heal if the skin doesn’t receive the proper care and acne management solutions it needs.

Your teenager needs to see a dermatologist, and that dermatologist may agree that facials to treat the skin and keep it moisturized may contribute to the long term health of the skin.

To Learn How To Care For Their Skin

Your teenager’s skin needs to last a lifetime. Everything they do (or don’t do) to it now will have a reverberating effect throughout the rest of their years. If they don’t know how to properly care for their skin, they can wind up with conditions like sun damage. Sun damage causes dark spots all over the skin that can only be removed with a laser.

Don’t let your teen live into his or her twenties without developing a proper foundation for skincare. Skincare is more than just aesthetic – it’s beneficial for their health.

To Correct Bad Skincare Habits

Your 17-year-old son has a date tomorrow, and a bunch of pimples all over his forehead. So what does he do? He pops them all and starts picking at them. He might think that’s what he’s supposed to do when he gets a pimple. He has no idea he’s damaging his skin.

An aesthetician can teach him better habits, including safer extraction methods and products he can use to safely spot treat pimples overnight. If he’s been picking away at his skin, his aesthetician will know it. Let someone else yell at him for a change.

To Supplement A Dermatologist’s Care

Teens who see a dermatologist aren’t usually under constant supervision. Their dermatologist will prescribe or suggest something, and see them once or twice a year to follow up. Some acne medications cause side effects like dry, peeling skin. This is common with acne medications (like tretinoin) that contain prescription retinoids. Rather than allowing the teen to peel off layers of her face, take her to an aesthetician.

The aesthetician can safely exfoliate the skin and properly treat the sensitive, tender skin underneath. The right facial can help to expedite the results of acne treatments, as well as mitigate some of their side effects.

To Help With Self-Esteem At A Fragile Time

Adults want to look at feel their best. It helps them to project the confidence they need to be successful in life. Teens are no different. For some reason, many parents think these things are superficial when their teens want them. They don’t realize that they hold the same value to everyone, no matter how old that person may be.

Most adults participate in a more polite version of society. They’re less likely to outwardly criticize people for the way they look. Middle school and high school are simply not the same way. Kids are really cruel to each other, and this cruelty can leave a lasting effect on your teen’s self-esteem.

If getting a facial is important to your teen, you should let them. It’s a healthy way to boost confidence. Facials aren’t the same as makeup or designer clothes. They’re not superficial or temporary. In many ways, they’re the same as brushing your teeth or showering regularly. They’re a form of self care that will help to form great lifelong habits.

Greentoes Is Here For Your Teen

Our aestheticians at Greentoes in Tucson offer a wide variety of facials, many of which are suitable for your teen. Our experts can help to assess your teen’s skin and provide a facial that will produce the results your teen needs. The process can help to teach your teen healthy habits. Your teen’s aesthetician will be able to pass on a lot of valuable information about healthy skincare habits that will prove useful for decades to come.

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